HTML5 vs Native Mobile Apps: One on One-Right Here-Right Now

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this post we have discusses about ‘HTML5 V/S Native mobile applications’. We will put the spotlight on both; the positive as well the negative facets of both the antagonists. ‘S’ Leads ‘W’ Alphabetically– So let’s Start with the Strength first It is undoubtedly true that both HTML5 and Native Application development are followed by

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HTML5 Application Development: From Shiny Present to Brighter Future

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wouldn’t it be so much easy and useful if an application runs best on ever device or every operating system? Surely it would be and of course it is. Not getting what I mean? Have you heard about HTML5? Yes you are going on the correct way; it is the same term which is popular and

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HTML5 App Development

HTML5 Apps: The Definite Saga of Success for Businesses

Reading Time: 2 minutes HTML5 is a fusion of HTML and CSS3 technology and they both combined to give a much powerful and functional application development language. According to the recent survey conducted in November 2012; around 63% of the application developers are currently using HTML5 and around 31% of the developers are planning to adopt it in their

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