January 2021

Android app design trends 2021 - AppsChopper

Top 11 Android App Design and Development Trends to Look Out in 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes When it comes to building a mobile app, the Android operating system gets all the attention due to its ever-growing popularity and unique offerings. Here, in this blog, we’ll discuss the top 11 Android app design and development trends that will rule in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a massive crisis all over the

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cross platform app development 2021 - AppsChopper

Why Startups Should Go for Cross-Platform App Development in 2021 Onwards

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you want to reach a wider audience with your startup venture? If so, you, as an entrepreneur, need to adopt a cross-platform app development approach preferably. Read this blog and know why your startup needs to go for cross-platform development in 2021. Even if you think you know everything about startup app development, starting

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Android App Development Frameworks - AppsChopper

7 Best Android Frameworks for App Development in 2021 and Beyond

Reading Time: 4 minutes Android’s popularity has led many businesses to incline towards developing Android-based apps. However, the choice of framework is always a concern for many. Well, no more! In this blog, we will list the top Android app development frameworks to ease your job. With a rise in internet usage, shift to mobile, and nearly 90% of

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App Builders Vs Custom Android Development - AppsChopper

Android App Builders Vs Custom Android Development: What Are the Challenges Faced?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Are you all set to build your first Android app but unaware of the challenges app builders vs custom Android development face? This blog can enlighten you. In this blog, we will talk about the challenges Android builders vs custom development face throughout. No matter what industry your business runs in, having a digital presence

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Mobile Apps for Startups - AppsChopper

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Your Startup to Ease Daily Operations in [2021 and Beyond]

Reading Time: 5 minutes Are you a startup owner looking for ways to improve and streamline your day-to-day processes? This blog shares the list of best mobile apps for startups to automate core business processes, leading to saving time, money, and increasing ROI. Every store owner who has just started with a startup business, sooner or later, thinks about

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Mobile App Marketing - AppsChopper

What Is the Importance of Mobile App Marketing After Product Launch?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mobile app marketing is getting more and more crucial for businesses day-by-day. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of app marketing after the product launch and how it can boost your online business and generate better ROI. Stay with us and know! Mobile apps’ influence is increasing day-by-day, making the mobile app industry

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Android App Development - AppsChopper

Everything You Need to Know About Android App Development

Reading Time: 8 minutes Android app development opens up a huge world of possibilities for businesses. If you are looking to build Android app development, this guide is for you. This ultimate guide will tell you everything you need to know about Android application development and ease your job. As Android design and development trends continue to rule, you

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Cross Platform Development - AppsChopper

The Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development – [2021 Updated]

Reading Time: 4 minutes Looking forward to building your next mobile app leveraging a cross-platform approach but confused? We’ve got you covered. This blog will list all the pros and cons of cross-platform app development to help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you or not. Smartphones have marked a tremendous influence on our way of living.

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