Android App Builders Vs Custom Android Development: What Are the Challenges Faced?

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Are you all set to build your first Android app but unaware of the challenges app builders vs custom Android development face? This blog can enlighten you. In this blog, we will talk about the challenges Android builders vs custom development face throughout.

No matter what industry your business runs in, having a digital presence has become a must for every business. These days, it’s all about putting yourself out there within customer reach to stay competitive and win more business. Consequently, selecting the right platform and foundation for establishing your business is vital for long term success in today’s competitive market. Mobile app usage is increasing as users spend 3 hours per day on apps only.

Google’s Android OS has evolved visually, conceptually, and functionally. Android OS, with over 84% market share worldwide, without a doubt, provides a broader audience reach to your business, leading to an opportunity of up-selling and steady revenue. You can either go with DIY Android app makers or hire an Android app development agency for custom Android development.

Android development comes with numerous advantages, yet both Android app builders and custom development have a set of hurdles. Before we dive into the challenges of Android builders vs custom development, let’s first get down to the nitty-gritty of these two.

What Are Android App Builders?

An Android app builder or maker is basically a well-made software that lets you create your app without any tech skills. If you know no-coding at all, no worries, Android app makers are there to help along the way.

All you need to do is select an Android app maker, create a prototype (in minutes), generate and download your app, and publish it on Google Play Store in no time. Android app builders are usually inexpensive and time-saving alternatives for developing Android Apps.

What Are the Challenges DIY Android App Makers Face?

Like everything else, Android app builders also come with some set of challenges, due to which businesses don’t really prefer adopting Android builders for building apps. Here are some common challenges DIY Android app makers face.

Template/Layout Design

When using an Android app builder to create a mobile app, you get a sample design that you cannot change. Some builders do allow you to change the design partially, but not fully. Though in most cases, you can’t change the design. If you’ve selected a certain template design and you do not like the end result, you need to start from scratch as Android builders are not flexible enough.

Zero Possibility of Edit Structure and Code

Android app makers come with zero possibility of changing the structure and code because it’s limited by templates and varies from app builders to app builders. If your app demands modifications, you’re clearly not allowed to make significant changes to the current structure. The same applies to your app content, as well. Usually, app builders enable advanced features with subscription plans.

Limited to Features

When you choose an Android app builder for app building, you’re bound to use what’s already built, which means you can’t really integrate as many features as you want or your app demands. The app builder won’t really allow you with that. Therefore, access to features or integrations will either be limited or not there at all.

Extension Difficulties

Android app builders are built with certain restrictions, hence do not possess full-fledged capabilities to integrate third-party services or develop non-standard functions. You can connect and implement only the platform’s features and functionalities; anything outside that is just not allowed.

Additional Charges

Most DIY Android app makers are free to use; however, some come with hidden costs. Additional charges may apply for the degree of use of a mobile app. For instance, if users start using your mobile app more often, the number of internal queries to the online service, and data the needs to be stored, will increase. This can hinder your app growth.

Security Issues

When you use app builders, you don’t know what software they’re built on; you don’t know anything about them. So basically, when you’re opting for the Android app maker, you involve a third-party where there is a clear risk of leakage of your confidential information regarding app ideas, customers, and more.

When Are Android App Builders Worthy of Choosing?

To simply put, it’s all up to you which of the possible options for creating an Android mobile app to resort to. If you’re looking for faster and cost-effective development, you must go with the Android app builder.

But if security is the major concern (which, of course, is for most businesses), you plan to expand your app in the future and need modifications with features, functionalities, and integrations, you need to drop the idea of an Android app maker and go with custom development.

What Is a Custom Android App Development?

Custom Android app development is all about creating a tailor-made app that fulfills all your business needs. Your hired mobile apps development company usually does complete thorough research of the market to understand and assess your business to build a mobile app that can uplift your business.

Custom Android app is a bespoke mobile app that helps you in reaching out to customers. The motive of custom development is to build a customized Android mobile app with a tailored set of features as per the business requirement.

What Are the Challenges Custom Android Development Face?

Where the hottest trends in Android app development compel businesses to invest in mobile apps more often, the custom Android development also sees some challenges coming down to a few of its characteristics. With no further ado, let’s see what they are.

Android Users Spending Habits

In the raging debate of Android vs iOS, it’s been proved that Apple users spend way more on their apps than Android. Statista claims that Apple App Store generated $19 billion in consumer spending while Google Play Store amounted to $10.3 billion worldwide. There are numerous reasons for this to happen, so if you’re investing in custom Android development, be cautious because it can stop your business from generating better revenue.


Custom Android application development is extensive, and that’s why usually costlier than app builders. It involves research, ideation, resources, time, complexity, custom features, and a lot more. If you’re all set to invest in developing a customized Android mobile app, be ready with a proper budget.

Device Fragmentation

In the official documentation, Google shares a long list of Android devices with corresponding screen dimensions and resolutions, which is much bigger than Apple’s line of devices. So, product owners either limit the number of supported devices and systems to a manageable maximum or lower the app quality to get over the device fragmentation issue.

Copyright Problems

Google Play Store takes less time checking and accepting apps, which means you can easily release the MVP version. However, Google doesn’t conduct a thorough patent or any kind of copyright infringement checks, which means you can unknowingly post an app that includes features or content already used. Consequently, you will suffer from copyright infringement.

When Is Custom Android Application Development Worthy of Choosing?

Custom Android development takes precedence over app builders because it allows you to launch an MVP, gives you the assistance of professional technical expertise, delivers highly tested apps (unlike DIY Android app makers), assures you with zero security issues, and most importantly, guarantees greater ROI.

If you’re an enterprise looking for a wider market and audience reach with a flawless Android app tailored to meet your business requirements, look no further than custom Android app development.

Closing Thoughts

Where DIY Android app builders let you easily create an Android app with hardly any spending and in less turnaround time, custom Android development comes with more specialized services. Android builders’ app’s quality, features, and overall user experience is in no comparison to custom Android application development. To survive in the tough competition, you need a reliable, scalable, and high-performing customized Android mobile app.

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