9 Major Advantages of Android App Development

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In this blog post, we have discussed the importance and advantage of Android app development for building innovative applications for businesses.

Today, our day to day life revolves around technology in many ways. It has been predicted that the number of smartphone users is set to rise with the arrival of various advanced Android applications. Since the majority of mobile devices are coupled with the Android operating system, people are rapidly steering towards user-friendly Android apps for their own benefits.

If Android application developers are to be believed, having an advanced Android app is highly beneficial for the business in many ways as it is considered as an open ecosystem to represent and promote business on different platforms.

This has raised the importance of Android app development practiced for building innovative applications that are fully-fledged with cutting-edge features, high-end functionalities, etc. For every entrepreneur or business owner, availing services from an Android app development company is highly recommended for promoting their business through a feature-rich app. It makes business entitled to avail numerous benefits mentioned below.

Higher ROI with Lower Investment

It’s one of the most popular Android app development benefits. Android developers leverage the flexibility of using easily available Android SDK (Software Development Kit), which is absolutely free. And create highly interactive mobile applications. Apart from this, developers have to pay only a one-time registration fee for app distribution. These are the factors why Android app development is cost-effective. Since mobile apps built on the Android platform are user-friendly, feature-rich, interactive, responsive, etc., So, they easily engage users and thus help businesses increase their ROIs.

Get Users’ Feedback

Leveraging the Android platform, developers can integrate feedback systems to mobile apps. This feature is extremely useful for business and lets them request users to drop their feedback about the products and services they availed. Going through users’ feedback, business can grab opportunities to improve their service accordingly and make it more user-centered.

Highly Secure

Thanks to Google that never compromises with security and privacy, and launches major security updates from time to time, to make the Android platform highly secure for app development. Android P was introduced in the market with advanced and in-built security features intended to provide complete protection against malware. Whereas, the latest version Android Q (Beta version), is available with extended controls that users can get over the app’s capabilities and data.

User-Friendly App with Cutting-Edge Features

There is no doubt that Android apps are becoming advanced day by day. Every Android app development company is focused on integrating some useful functions for a better user experience. It’s obvious that a feature-rich app is more useful for users and it will interpret the credibility of your business objectives as well. On the other hand, Android apps are fully-fledged with engaging designs and attractive graphics. Thus, the Android applications which are developed with advanced usability are more prone to capture the user’s interest.

Direct Access to Social Media

Both usability and accessibility factors are vital for any mobile application. Most Android app developers are majorly focused on rendering the best user experience (UX) for easy sign-in access with the app functionality. Thus, whenever users access any Android app, they get an option to sign-in with their pre-existing account on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

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Flexibility for Regular Updates

The Android apps are designed using an advanced interface that allows easier modification of the existing version. That’s why the business owners look for proficient Android app developers to get a highly functional application that can be updated without any difficulty.


The major advantages of Android is that it’s an open-source platform, Android lets developers leverage maximum customization features to develop apps based on specific business requirements and their users’ expectations. This is the reason why Android is considered to be the most popular platform for enterprise app development.

Target Multiple Sales Channels

With the Android app, businesses don’t need to rely on only one platform for marketing. It lets them set their eyes on, in fact, the third-party app marketplace, while they can also create their own sales and distribution channels. It helps businesses in maximizing their reach among a larger section of the audience to make their foothold strong in the market.

In-App Purchase

This function allows your users to unlock several features if they like your Android app. This option can be included with any Android application which is available for free on the Google app stores. In this way, the users also get prompted to buy some paid features of the app and the revenue made from these in-app purchases will be profitable for the business as well.

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