March 2021

Apple user privacy update - AppsChopper

How the Apple “User Privacy” and “Data Use” Update Can Impact Advertisers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Apple updates have always been a hot topic among users as well as apps development companies. However, very few of us know that the updates also impact advertisers in one way or another. Today’s post is all about that! This blog tells us how the Apple “user privacy and “data use policy” update can impact

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Progressive Web Apps Development - AppsChopper

9 Best Tools and Technologies to Leverage for Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you looking to build a high-performing and user-friendly progressive web app backed with robust tools and technologies? Don’t miss out on this post. This blog shares some effective PWA technologies you can leverage to take your business to the next level. The advent of technology is surging through all spheres of life, and it

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Android App Development Process - AppsChopper

Ideal Android App Development Process: 8 Crucial Steps Involved

Reading Time: 4 minutes An ideal Android app development process powers your app, grabs users’ attention, turns them into customers, increases your ROI, and helps you outshine the market. This blog takes a closer look at each key phase of the Android app development steps in-depth. The success of anything you build (be it a house, relationship, or an

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Material Design vs Human Interface Design - AppsChopper

Google Material Design vs Apple Human Interface Guidelines: Which Is Better and Why?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you looking to design an iOS or Android version of an app? This guide will help you. This post compares Google Material Design vs Apple Human Interface Guidelines comprehensively and helps you determine which one you should choose and why. Both Google and Apple compete to provide their users with an intuitive user interface

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iOS app development platforms - AppsChopper

11 Best Custom iOS App Development Platforms for Professionals

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you ever wondered what makes iOS apps secure, versatile, and reliable, offering a great UX? The robust technologies used and platforms on which the iOS apps are made. This blog lists the top custom iOS app development platforms for professionals to leverage and create a standout iOS app. Let’s admit the fact that the

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