8 Best AR and VR Apps Available for iPhone & Android

best ar and vr apps
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In this blog post, we have listed and discussed the features of the top and best AR and VR apps available for iPhone and Android users.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are emerging technologies blessed with huge potentials to make mobile app advanced and purposeful. Earlier used for developing certain specific apps especially gaming apps, these technologies have now hit the mainstream to a wider extent and are indirectly benefiting many industries.

App development services are nowadays frequently leveraging AR and VR technologies in developing mobile apps to cater to businesses. These technologies not only increase the capability of mobile apps but also improve user experience. We have picked some of the best AR and VR apps developed by top-notch apps development services. These apps are successful in their horizons, with great user responses.

List of Best AR Apps

Pokemon Go

Stores: (iOS, Android)

Pokémon GO

It’s good to start with none other than Pokemon Go while talking about some popular augmented reality mobile apps. It is one of the most popular games earned a huge appreciation among users. It features wonderful gameplay that lets players engaged with searching for Pokemon and various other items. They then involve in catching, hatching and also evolving.

Pokemon Go Gameplay

  • Players can visit several PokeStops and gyms. They can also discover several interesting places including art installation, museums, monuments and more.
  • Once players successfully level up, they will be able to hatch Pokemon eggs.
  • Players can join any of three gyms and then indulge themselves to claim ownership of gyms.
  • Get helping hands of 20 other trainers to defeat Raid Boss.

Google Translate

Stores: (iOS, Android)

Google Translate

Google Translation is a good example of AR-based apps. As the most used mobile app, it allows users to translate text actually in an image. The app supports multiple languages and lets users translate one language into others smoothly. One can read memes, signs, packaging, etc., in other languages.

Google Translate Features

  • Users can get 103 languages to choose from.
  • Easier process to translate, just copy the text in the provided box and get results instantly.
  • It can translate up to 59 languages.
  • Users can also avail features like camera mode, conversation mode, handwriting, and others.


Stores: (iOS, Android)


Magicplan is another popular AR app that helps people in drawing up modern floor plans in a simple way, by just using the camera of users’ device. To create a wonderful floor plan, all you need to do is to scan the area up to 30 seconds and also create an entire floor plan.

Magicplan App Features

  • The device’s camera is used to create a floor plan.
  • Draw a complete floor plan.
  • Create 3D models and export plans in JPG, PDF, PNG, CSV, SVG, and DXF.
  • Draw up your customized objects.


Stores: (iOS, Android)


Snapchat’s AR feature has a great impact on making it one of the most popular photo-sharing social media apps. It’s packed with effective AR features such as face swap, dog filter, and others are highly effective and boost user experience.

Snapchat App Features

  • The app opens the camera of users’ devices and helps it capture precious moments.
  • Live messaging and group messaging give reasons to users to engage with Snapchat.
  • Meet new people and follow them to hear their stories.
  • Users can use the snap map to find where their friends are busy.

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List of Best VR Apps

Google Earth VR

Stores: (iOS, Android)

Google Earth

Developed with the best use of virtual reality, Google Earth lets users explore the whole world with complete satellite imagery and also a complete 3D terrain. Get a complete view of 3D buildings in many cities. It lets users simply zoom their houses and enjoy the street view with 360 degrees.

Google Earth VR Features

  • Explore 3D buildings in numerous cities across the world.
  • Zoom the subject from any location.
  • Watch street view with a 360-degree perspective.

Littlstar – VR Video Network

Stores: (iOS, Android)

Littlstar - VR Video Network

Littlstar is the most popular platform developed with the proficient use of virtual reality and augmented reality content. It lets users search and then share complete the popular content from the most popular platforms such as NBC, National Geographic, Disney VR, Sony and many more across different categories including Animations, Sports, Documentaries, etc.

Littlstar App Features

  • Take AR images and share them on social media networks.
  • Littlstar supports 360 degree panoramic videos.
  • Control video using gyroscope or touch.
  • Users can find stereoscopic mode for tray-based headsets and also Google Cardboard.

YouTube VR

Stores: (Android)

YouTube VR

YouTube has become the largest platform letting people access virtual reality content. It’s the right place that encourages users to discover, watch and share VR content and explore fun and joy. YouTube’s VR app supports 360-degree video and also enables users to upload the video created by them.

YouTube VR App Features

  • You can immerse yourself in 360-degree video and experience like a center of the action. The app also supports standard video in a VR theater.
  • Experience an amazing sound effect accompanied by depth and distance following users’ attention.
  • Make an easier switch between voice and keyboard controls, which enable users to browse and search quite conveniently.
  • Get a live stream of fresh and trending videos.
  • Use the microphone to search for videos using voice.
  • It lets users watch and browse videos simultaneously.

Fulldive VR

Stores: (iOS, Android)

Fulldive VR - Virtual Reality

Fulldive VR is the most important social platform that allows users to follow their friends and see, react and comment on their stories. Users can also share their own stories. It also enables users to browse and access a new media generation, including 360 images and videos. They can comment and also share what they find with their friends. The app is fully compatible with Daydream headsets and Google Cardboard

Fulldive VR App Features

  • Stream all YouTube videos in virtual reality.
  • Stream all 3D and 360 videos in virtual reality, with 3D YouTube.
  • Play all videos and get an experience like a movie theater with a VR 2D/3D video player.
  • VR browser enables users to browse anything online in virtual reality.
  • Capture images and videos through VR Camera, store and access images through VR Image Gallery.

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