How to Analyze Cost of Hiring an App Developer?

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Cost of hiring app developers is a common concern that most of the people desiring to be aware of before venturing into app development. Gather here complete details to know hire app developer cost.

If you are thinking your long-established business strategies are unable to yield the desired outcomes, shift your strategies right now. So, what’s the solution? You may be thinking, right? The simple answer is your business needs a mobile strategy to survive profitably in the fast-paced competition. So, start thinking about mobile app development.

To develop an app, you need to have an idea that must be able to define your app architecture, functionality, feature, etc. In other words, the idea must be able to describe everything about your future app.

It is advisable to interact directly with your target customers to know the issues they face with your services and try to analyze the best solutions accordingly. In the meantime, you should also know their preferences, behaviors, etc., and make your app idea accordingly.

Once you got an app idea, you should now think about how to develop your app. Of course hiring app developers is the best solutions. As it is not possible to develop apps on your own due to complex coding and hecticness of the process. You may be also anxious to know hire app developer cost. We’ll discuss here everything in details.  

When hiring app developers, you will meet thousands of options at a range of prices. Here, it’s advisable to make a smart choice. Never go with app developers offering services at the cheapest rates otherwise you may have to sacrifice the quality.

When going for a mobile app development, you should have enough budget to spend on to get quality solutions rather than cheap solutions. Always hire app developers who promise you to build bug-free, scalable and intuitive apps based on your business requirements.    

How to Know Hire App Developers Cost?

It’s really strenuous to answer question like this one! Even the question is not genuine. Neither cost of every app is same nor charge of every app developer is same. The app developer cost tends to differ in accordance to type of the app. US based app developers, on the other hand, charge between $45 to $250 per hour. So, the total time spent on app development influences the actual cost of your app.  

Focus on Your Main Concerns When Hiring App Developers

The cost of app development can be related to cost of the smartphone – if you buy a simple product with limited features and functionality, you have to pay less. On the contrary, if you shop an advanced version with multiple features, you have to pay more.

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An app’s price also varies according to features and functionalities. The more features you will add, the more expensive your app will be. On the other hand, basic versions of mobile apps are cost-efficient.

So, when discussing your app ideas with developers, it is important to include only those features that can serve your business requirements properly. Doing this of course helps you limit the app development cost and will be helpful in getting the proper estimate of hire app developer cost.

Key Factors to Analyze App Development Cost

In order to get more details about the app development cost, you should take into account following important factors.


Try to visualize the arduousness involved in app development based on your idea. If it is an ordinary app (as mentioned above), it can be developed hassle-free and charges are of course quite reasonable.

But, if you are looking to develop an app like UBER that comes with separate login IDs to facilitate users and drivers. You need to be ready to pay a hefty amount to developers.

App Development Platform

Android or iOS or both? Well, majority of people are often puzzled with a proper selection. Choosing a right platform depends on your target audience (try to find out whether they use iOS based devices or Android based devices).

Android app development is costlier than iOS. People quite often choose both platforms for app development. If you are also looking for the same, then the app development cost will be much more expensive.


The type of mobile app you are seeking to develop tends to make a direct impact on hire app developer cost. Building a basic app costs somewhere between $30,000 to $50,000. For eCommerce and on-demand services apps cost around $2,00,000 to $1 million and $1.5 million to 3 million respectively.  

Give it Try with None Other than AppsChopper

The New York based company focuses on quality rather than cost. Specialized in building a range of apps for different verticals, AppsChopper charges between $45 to $60 for app development.         

Conclusion: –

It is impossible to ignore the need of app for your business especially in today’s app dominated business world. Getting ideas related to hire app developer cost is a common concern of majority of people and they make their final decision of app development accordingly. Above discussion quotes some important factors that directly influence the cost of app developers.

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