Android Application Developers: Interesting & Useful Statistics

It is always a necessary job of every Android app developer to keep track of the market behavior and trend. If you too are curious about finding the answer of different questions about the Android application developers than congrats as you had landed on the correct post.

In this post I am providing a detailed infographic that reveals many interesting and useful data figures about Android Application developers. In this Infographics you too will be surprised to know that around 41% of the Android application developers likes Action movies and 58% of the developers works independently. Isn’t it interesting and useful to find out more figures like; in which country Android App developers live mostly? How many developers had published their own application? Which mobile phone is used by them? And lot more.

Answer of all these questions incorporation with many more are amazingly showcased in the infographic provided below.

Android Application Developers: Interesting & Useful Statistics


I think that the above infographics on Android application developer’s behavior would have surely surprised you. If you are an Android App developer and looking for any kind of assistance then we at Appschopper are always ready to serve you with expertise application development solutions.

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