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Are you yet to plan your fitness goal or searching for a valid purpose to walk. Don’t wait more! And plan your health activities with a motivation. Charity Miles makes your every walk, running, cycling, etc., and turns into money for your chosen charity. As name suggests, the app encourages you to keep engaged with a good work of charity by earning extra cash through healthy workouts. The app tracks every mile you move and pay you accordingly for charity and other works.

Charity Miles App Features:

  • Charity Miles lets you join the community to earn money for charity by walking, running, cycling and other of the week - charity miles
  • Login the app through your social media accounts or an email address.
  • Create your personal profile and opt for charity from a selection of over 40 world-changing organizations.
  • You get a liberty to use the app anywhere or various activities including morning jogging, walking with the dog, etc.
  • It functions like a run-tracker, pedometer, cycling meter, walking timer, etc., and tracks your every workout through GPS and motion sensor.
  • Access your profile to view your complete activities like total miles, complete session and also total amount that you have funded for charity.

With Charity Miles, members have earned more than $2.5 million (iOS) and $2 million (Android) so far. It encourages others to engage with the same activities to make their direct contribution in the charity works. Covered in various magazines including women’s running magazine and men’s fitness magazine, the award-winning app has created a stir in this horizon.

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Available on both iOS and Android, Charity Miles is free for everyone. All you need to do is to simply download and install the app and then start your charity contribution.

How Charity Miles App Works?

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Take a look at how Charity Miles app works and helps users achieve their fitness goal while earning cash for charity.

  • All information users provide while creating account with the app get saved in the backend server.
  • The app associates user’s activities and earning to the selected charity.
  • Charity Miles app tracks workout and counts every movement including walk, run, dance and cycling to reward user.
  • When users make donation, the app processes their requests and access data from server to calculate the total amount earned and pay money directly to the chosen organization for charity.

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