App of the Week: DoorDash – Quick Food Delivery App

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Getting hungry? Your location can’t debar you from getting mouth-watering dishes and enjoy every bite of your favorite food. DoorDash allows you to browse thousands of restaurants located in different cities across the US. Access the food menus and pick out the favorite food you are craving for. With the DoorDash app, try a new restaurant and food item every day, place a food order with a couple of taps and experienced quick delivery at your picnic spot, date night at home or anywhere else.

DoorDash App Features Door Dash App - Main image

  • Browse your favorite restaurants located across 800+ cities across the US and Canada and 110,000 menus.
  • Get varieties of cuisines to choose from.
  • Order your favorite dishes with a single tap.
  • The reordering process of your favorite meal is quick. Also, enjoy a group order.
  • The advance ordering feature lets you place food orders in advance and get it when you need food.
  • Track order progress, once done with the food ordering process.
  • No minimum order limitation.
  • Use mobile payment options like Google Pay or credit card to make payment.

DoorDash app, developed by a popular app agency, aims to let you experience a truly five-star service. It helps you get what you are seeking and also when you need it. Serving as a great platform that brings foodies and suppliers together, the app focuses on expanding and adds new restaurants regularly to grab opportunities to serve more people.

Available for both iOS and Android users, DoorDash is available free for everyone.

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How DoorDash App Works?

Door Dash App - App of the week

DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery app that enables people to select food, order, and enjoy delivery at the desired location. It works in the following ways.

  • It saves details of all restaurants and their food menus on the server.
  • The app displays all listed restaurants along with the menu when accessed.
  • Users select a particular food item and place the final order after making payment.
  • The request for food order goes directly to the server, which processes it directly to the particular restaurant to deliver the order.

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