The Anatomy of Apps that Pay You to Walk: Business Model

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In this blog post, we have uncovered how pay you to walk apps works in terms of keeping you fit as well as earning while walking.

Thanks to the fast progressive mobile app technology letting users stay healthy and even earn rewards, discounts, etc., for the same. There are many popular mobile apps like Charity Miles, Achievement and others that encourage users to earn money or get wonderful rewards for the every step they make. These apps have earned a huge popularity even among those who are not health conscious. They seem to be highly anxious to use the same.

The most interesting fact about the apps that pay you to walk is that these are capable of changing people’s lifestyles and let them enjoy a healthy life. Besides, these also help those who are interested for charity and related works. These apps prevent them from begging to their friends, families and others to continue their charity works. They can earn money by putting a couple of efforts.

Let’s interact with our experts to know more about pay you to walk app.

How Pay You to Walk App Actually Works?

Most of these apps use the advanced technologies to serve their core purposes. These apps basically work on GPS tracking and motion sensing technology to calculate every step that users make and then reward them accordingly. For instance, Charity Miles uses phones GPS and also motion sensor technology, in order to track various activities of users. Besides, the app is also able to log both indoor and outdoor exercises, to make everything convenient for users.

How to Earn Money From Pay you to Walk Applications?

Charity Miles, as the name suggests, helps users set their fitness goal, earn and continue their charity work. It’s basically a walking, running or cycling tracker app that easily tracks how much distance you have covered during users’ routine exercise. The app earns dollars on behalf of users and encourages them to never stop their regular exercise routine.

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In order to use Charity Miles, users need to simply download and install the app, access the app before running or walking. They need to choose the right option for charity among 40 available options. Users can use the app to simply track the distance they cover, earn dollars for the chosen charity and make donation.

Achievement is another most popular health and fitness app that helps users earn cash for putting their efforts of being healthy and fit. It lets them earn up to 80 points per day for various healthy activities. To get $10, users need to earn at least 10,000 points. The app earned a huge response among users for promoting rewards for health and fitness.

The app simply tracks users’ activities such as walking, eating healthy diets, etc., and helps them earn cash through PayPal or direct deposit. This is not the limit – Achievement in fact lets users earn by sleeping as well.

Concluding Thoughts:

Apps that pay you to walk is the most important type of healthcare and fitness application. These reflect the impeccable growth of health applications and their wide acceptance among users in today’s scenario. It’s a perfect and an innovative concept for business seeking to perform their social obligations.

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