Apple’s September 12, 2018 Event: What Are Expected to Be Unveiled?

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Apple product lovers eagerly await every event that takes place. The countdown of Apple’s latest event that is going to be held on September 12 has already begun. In this blog, we’ll explore much-anticipated launches based on predictions and sources.

Apple’s annual September special event is occurring on September 12 in Cupertino, California, delighting tech-savvy people. Apple’s announcement is beyond everyone’s prediction, and it’s not easy to guess what Apple will launch. However, Apple’s annual September event usually serves as the introduction to new iPhone models and upgraded gadgets.

This year, it is expected that Apple will exhilarate customers and iOS developers with some new launches, including a new version of the iPhone and much more. Apple is expected to release at least (possibly three) successors to the iPhone X, which is a change from recent norms. Besides that, being more than just a smartphone maker, Apple is also expected to focus on the launch of an advanced version of iOS, macOS, wearable devices, accessories, and more.

Let’s have a look at the things expected to be launched in Apple’s September event.

Successors to the iPhone X

Lots of talk happening about the expected launch of the successors to the iPhone X (launched last year), that will give iPhone lovers a great reason to celebrate. One would be a direct successor; it is assumed to be called iPhone XS, which will include Apple’s new A12 processor, where Apple will move to a 7nm process.

Also, iPhone XS Max/Plus and iPhone XR are expected to be revealed in the event. It is believed that the advanced version of iPhones will be blessed with OLED screens; however, the less costly version will be invigorated with LCD-TFT.

Curiously, the reports have said the iPhone XS will measure somewhere between 5.8 – 6.1 inches with OLED screens. With the proposed price of $899, iPhone XS will be packed with long-lasting battery life and dual cameras with excellent clarity.

iPhone XS Max/Plus measures 6.5 inches and may be priced between $999 to $1100, packed with OLED screen, Apple Pencil Support, and much more. iPhone XR is expected to be less expensive, priced between $699 to $849. As per the sources, the 6.1-inch phone will be launched with dual SIM cards in some selected countries as of now.

Apple Watch Series

Apple Watch Series 4 is another much-debated launch, set to take place in the September 12 event. As per the available pictures on the internet, Apple Watch 4 is coming with a more refining look to excite the people. With a flagship feature of the bigger display screen, high-end resolutions, click-free buttons, and more, the device is set to win people’s hearts at first glance.

It is rumored that users and critics have requested better battery life and more fitness and health-monitoring features in the new Apple Watch, and we would not be surprised to see both of these.

macOS Mojave and iOS 12

As per the sources, the upcoming event will announce the launch of the final version of macOS Mojave and iOS 12; however, the beta version is available for the public. The announcement of both macOS Mojave and iOS 12 were made in WWDC 2018, held on June 4, 2018.

macOS Mojave might introduce a dark-mode view for the operating system, greatly expand the existing Quick Look feature and its associated tools, and introduce new ways to stack icons on the desktop. iOS 12 seeks to improve performance and stability on iPhones and iPads, especially older devices.

iPad Pro

It’s been almost a year since Apple updated iPad Pro. An advanced version of iPad Pro is expected to make an entry in Apple’s September 12 event. With features like Face ID Camera, the new device is expected to be launched with smaller bezels, an 11-inch screen, etc.

Apple may keep the iPad Pro’s bezels and sharper sides edge, just thick enough to accommodate the sensor array without a notch. It will also come with Face ID at the top of the screen, forcing the keyboard to be used in vertical mode rather than horizontal.


As per the sources, Apple is set to launch the latest two versions of AirPods with robust features, including water-resistant, tighter Siri integration, wireless charging, noise resistance, over-ear, headphones, and more.

The very advanced versions of AirPods are launched with major improvements of hardware, which is indicated by wireless charging. It is expected that Apple will make additional changes and improvements to AirPods but don’t know what they would be or if they are coming.

MacBooks and iMacs

Apple might release a new MacBook this year; the new design would purportedly resemble the MacBook Air but with smaller bezels around the screen and newer technologies. Packed with retina display, the latest MacBook Air is expected to be the most sought-after launched in the much-talked event.

Apart from this, iMacs (Intel’s latest version 8th generation processor and new Mac Mini with the latest configuration may make a grand entry in the Apple’s event.

Final Words

Apple’s yearly product launch event, which will be held on September 12. We listed everything that Apple might possibly announce in its upcoming event, including some new devices, software updates, and more. Let’s wait for the event to be held and let Apple lift the curtain and excite its customers with loads of exciting launches.

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