Grocery App Development: Buyers’ Benefits and Must-Include Features for Businesses

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Are you a grocery store owner looking to expand your business via an app? This blog is for you. In this blog, we’ll talk about the buyers’ benefits of choosing a grocery app, ideal features businesses should include while planning grocery app development, and more.

The advent of technological advancements has brought the transformational change in mobile apps. They have revolutionized the entire retail industry, and among all, the grocery business has noticed tremendous growth in the last few years. The way this industry is booming, it has the scope for many new players.

Let’s have a look at some of the insightful grocery-related stats by Invesp:

  • 70% of US shoppers could be buying groceries online as early as 2022.
  • Digital grocery sales in the US will reach $59.5 billion by 2023.
  • 22% of consumers said they shop online for groceries at least once a week
  • 47% millennials, 31% GenX, 19% baby boomers, and 3% others purchase groceries online.

Seeing the ever-growing demand for online grocery shopping, various startups, SMEs, and enterprises have started looking for skilled mobile app developers who can develop a feature-rich grocery mobile app for your business.

After looking at the stats of online grocery, let’s dive deep into the advantages buyers get from the grocery app.

What Are the Top User Benefits of Grocery App?

Grocery apps serve to get grocery items at buyers’ doorstep in a convenient way. Here are some of the top benefits of grocery app development for users.

  • Flexibility – It lets users enjoy the flexibility to find whatever is required from the comfort of their homes. They can order any grocery item right with their fingertips.
  • Oodles of Options – By using the grocery app, users can discover a wide range of products within their customized filters, explore their specifications, and much more.
  • Smart Search – The app allows users to explore their required products using a filter search option; based on category, specification, quantity, etc. It saves them valuable time and encourages them to purchase more items.
  • Comparison – The app enables customers to compare the prices of products they are interested in buying, and thus they can buy products at the least cost.
  • Easy Payment – With grocery shopping applications, your customers get the liberty to pay for the chosen products with a range of payment options such as e-wallet, credit card/debit card, online banking, and others.
  • Order Tracking – After placing the order, customers can track the order to know the product delivery date and time.

Top 10 Must-Have Features to Include in a Grocery Mobile App

If the grocery app fails to impress your customers, it can deeply hurt your business’s growth and revenue. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the factors and features that can please your customers and help you earn better ROI. Here, we’ve listed some essential features businesses should include in the grocery apps.

Easy Sign-Up and Login

The sign-up and login process needs to be easy and user-friendly. You can provide users several options to sign-up/login in through email, mobile number, social media, and more. Don’t neglect the registration through social media as it improves sign up rate and is convenient for the users to log in. When logged in through social media, the options to share any product or offers make it good advertising.

Product Listing

A proper product listing plays a vital role in making your grocery app wanting among users. This is the basis of every grocery app development. You need to keep your product list in a simple, organized yet attractive manner, including a rich description to draw users’ attention and offer them valuable information.

Easy to Navigate Menu

Grocery app contains several products, resulting in including different submenus, which might confuse your users. Thus incorporating a proper and strategic menu and making everything clear and simple for the user should be your priority. You need to ensure that the menu has an appropriate category and subcategory of all the products and is easy-to-navigate.

Advanced Search

A simple yet powerful feature of advanced search can do wonders for your grocery app. A grocery app has hundreds of products, and it becomes quite difficult for users to choose the correct item. However, an advanced search feature-packed with filters can help users find a quick list of things they need. An advanced search must also predict users’ interest based on activities and act accordingly.

Price Comparison

Do you compare prices when buying things online? Most of the shoppers wish to do so; thus, incorporating a price comparison feature in your grocery app is considered a good feature and improves user engagement. The price comparison feature will allow buyers to quickly know what other brands are priced at for similar products. This will make an effective and meaningful comparison so that buyers can decide and make their purchase accordingly.


You must have seen this feature on many shopping sites such as Amazon. Based on the user’s previous search preferences, the recommended product list is displayed at the bottom. Including this feature in your grocery app will keep your users engaged as they get what they require based on their interests.

Push Notification

Push notifications help you send your customers promotional offers and other deals. It keeps your customers updated about new offers or new products. With the push notifications feature, you can also notify your users about discount offers, festive offers, and many other things that will entertain the user and keep them engaged with your app.


A GPS real-time order tracking is a must-to-include feature while developing a grocery app. It allows users to track their order delivery, from the dispatch to the estimated delivery time, the buyers can stay updated and know the current status of their ordered items.

Loyalty Programs and Coupons

Not a single buyer is out there who doesn’t love discounts, agree? Almost all the users get interested in the coupons and loyalty programs. A grocery app feature-packed with loyalty programs and coupons will surely win users’ hearts. If you need to keep the customers engaged in your grocery app, reward them with points for items purchased.

Easy Payment Gateway

Your grocery app needs to have a seamless, fast, and reliable payment option. It should include secure multi-payment options like credit/debit cards, cash on delivery, e-wallet, and more so that customers have a flexible and convenient payment option while purchasing.

Wrap Up!

Businesses must ensure that the grocery app is developed with the customer-centric mindset, thus satisfying their needs. The grocery app development process has to be innovative and unique, and the app should be developed, keeping these ten features to offer an enriching experience to the user.

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  1. As we all know, grocery is one such FMCG that has never been affected by any inflation or recession. Having grocery at your doorsteps by ordering through an app is what the technological advancement has gifted us.


    1. AppsChopper Post author

      Hi Bella ,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback. You are correct, getting a grocery app like Amazon Fresh, Instacart etc. is a great concept for businesses. Be it a chain of stores or outlet serving customers in local region.


  2. I am also an app developer and develop different types of apps but I have never tried my hand to develop The grocery mobile application . And you stated that 5 startups have raised investment of $240 million, this clearly shows there is still huge grocery market. And along with that I got the information through your post that we can get lots of profit through grocery app development, I can’t wait to work on this platform. Thanks for raising my knowledge.


  3. Danielle Ford

    Is there any application where i can add the list of grocery stuff o\i want. And there by retailers check my requirement and send to my home after negotiating with couple of retailers. If there is such kind of app please suggest me, I often forget the list of grocery i want to take. And i recently added an application as well, but here i can only add the list.


  4. It is beyond doubt that grocery apps have gained a strong foothold in the market. It is good to know to know that app development companies are so fast forward when it comes to development of such apps. The features of the apps are futuristic and quite commendable.


  5. Hi nice article, It is a well-known fact that grocery is such a sector that never gets affected by the economy. Getting the household products right at the comfort of the home is one such thing that every homeowner wishes today. With the development of such apps, the task becomes much easier. And after reading the above benefits that anyone gets from such app, businessman dealing in grocery sector must get a mobile app built to stay ahead in the competition.


  6. I like your points in ‘Reasons Behind the Popularity of Grocery Apps’ and I also agree with them. Because in future every grocery business will take benefits of applications for online sale & purchase of products. Thanks for sharing such an informational content.


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