User Benefits and Ideal Features of Grocery App Development for Your Business

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In this post, we will share lights on grocery apps popularity, its benefits for users and the features to consider while planning grocery app development for your business.

Grocery mobile app development is among the most demanded requirement for businesses in the online retail domain. The way this industry is booming, it has the scope for many new players. The recent mobile apps usage reports for grocery shopping revealed that 68% of customers check out their smartphones to search groceries online, while 86% shoppers plan to get them through a customized mobile app. The increasing adoption of online grocery shopping is the outcome of various advantages to the customers as well as revenue to the business owners.

Reasons behind the Popularity of Grocery Apps

The concept of e-shopping has been dominating the retail sector all around the world. The grocery app market in the US has grown by leaps and bounds. According to Statista, the US online grocery sales prediction was worth $14.2 billion in 2017. The expected growth rate for the grocery market will lead it to $29.7 billion by 2021. This shows how well end-users are responding to the evolving grocery mobile apps and the scope of revenue from grocery apps.

Benefits of Grocery App for Your Users

A grocery app guides users in managing their expenses and gets varieties of products from a wide range of categories. Let us discover the benefits of a grocery application:

  • It lets users enjoy the flexibility to find whatever required from the comfort of their app or laptop.
  • With using the grocery app, users can discover a wide range of products within their customized filters; explore their specifications and much more.
  • The app allows users to explore their required products using a filter search option; based on category, specification, quantity, etc. It saves them valuable time and encourages them to purchase more items.
  • The app enables customers in comparing prices of products they are interested to buy and thus they can buy products at the least cost.
  • With grocery shopping applications, your customers get the liberty to pay for the chosen products with a range of payment options such as e-wallet, credit card/debit card, online banking, and others. The amount credits to your business account.
  • After placing the order, customers can track the order to know the exact date and time of the product delivery.

Features for Your Business Grocery App Development

As a mobile apps development company, our research team has analyzed some of the most popular grocery apps from Walmart, Amazon Fresh, Freshdirect, AnyList, Buy Me a Pie, etc. for the most useful features. Also, they worked with our engineers to learn from the experience of grocery app development and created a list of features for a complete grocery app solution.

Social Media Login

Social media login is the most popular option via which a user loves to register on portals. It helps you in retaining more customers for your grocery app and thus increases its popularity.

Product Listing

User loves to explore, a proper product listing is something that plays a pivotal role in making your app popular among users. You need to organize products category wise and include beautiful images to give users an idea about how the products appear. This helps users in making the decision quickly, and increase your revenue.

Shopping Lists

Every shopper makes a list first for the items they are interested to buy. To fulfill the expectations of shoppers, your mobile app should have a feature that can automate the shopping list. The feature should be able to add users’ favorite items in their wish list or remove the old items for future reference.

Discount Coupons & Loyalty Program

A grocery app is incomplete without the discount coupons. According to reports, 32% of users seek to find their discount coupons on their mobile phones. The data also revealed that discounts also influenced 67% of customers who decide to shop. Therefore, your app should be able to generate discount coupons on various occasions to entice customers.

Price Comparison

Price comparison is something that the majority of shoppers wish to do when shopping for products. A price comparison feature of the grocery app should be able to display the items along with other items to make an effective and meaningful comparison.

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Navigational Menu

A grocery app includes a variety of products. It should have a proper category and subcategory of all the products. Therefore, a proper and strategic navigation menu is must have to help users in reaching on the particular category or subcategory of the products that they are interested to shop.

Smart Search

A smart search minimizes users’ efforts in finding any products. It predicts users’ interests according to their activities. They have to type the first letter of the product name, and the grocery app suggests related names of the product. It also helps users find the desired products even when they are not sure of the full name. This helps them pick the right name even without typing the entire name.

Remind Me

This is the most useful feature that reminds users about the products they have purchased earlier. The grocery app based on users’ past purchase history can use a prompter to place an order for the same products to shop.

Barcode Scanner

It is another important feature that helps customers easily access much necessary information. It also provides many other additional details about the nutritional importance and dietary tips of the products.

Push Notification

Push notification with a grocery app is useful to send customers promotional offers and other lucrative deals. It helps you make your customers informed about the newly included items into your service list or other promotional messages. It is an exciting feature that helps your retail business gain more customers and get an opportunity to generate hefty revenues.

Payment Details

The app should have seamless, fast and reliable payment options. It should include multi-payment options like credit/debit cards, e-wallet, etc., to give users the flexibility to use the most convenient payment option.

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  1. As we all know, grocery is one such FMCG that has never been affected by any inflation or recession. Having grocery at your doorsteps by ordering through an app is what the technological advancement has gifted us.


    1. AppsChopper Post author

      Hi Bella ,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback. You are correct, getting a grocery app like Amazon Fresh, Instacart etc. is a great concept for businesses. Be it a chain of stores or outlet serving customers in local region.


  2. I am also an app developer and develop different types of apps but I have never tried my hand to develop The grocery mobile application . And you stated that 5 startups have raised investment of $240 million, this clearly shows there is still huge grocery market. And along with that I got the information through your post that we can get lots of profit through grocery app development, I can’t wait to work on this platform. Thanks for raising my knowledge.


  3. Danielle Ford

    Is there any application where i can add the list of grocery stuff o\i want. And there by retailers check my requirement and send to my home after negotiating with couple of retailers. If there is such kind of app please suggest me, I often forget the list of grocery i want to take. And i recently added an application as well, but here i can only add the list.


  4. It is beyond doubt that grocery apps have gained a strong foothold in the market. It is good to know to know that app development companies are so fast forward when it comes to development of such apps. The features of the apps are futuristic and quite commendable.


  5. Hi nice article, It is a well-known fact that grocery is such a sector that never gets affected by the economy. Getting the household products right at the comfort of the home is one such thing that every homeowner wishes today. With the development of such apps, the task becomes much easier. And after reading the above benefits that anyone gets from such app, businessman dealing in grocery sector must get a mobile app built to stay ahead in the competition.


  6. I like your points in ‘Reasons Behind the Popularity of Grocery Apps’ and I also agree with them. Because in future every grocery business will take benefits of applications for online sale & purchase of products. Thanks for sharing such an informational content.


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