How to Increase User Retention on E-Commerce Apps – 9 Tried and Tested Ways

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Are you an e-commerce app owner looking for effective ways to turn your new customers into repeated ones? You shouldn’t miss out on this post. This blog will talk about nine working ways to increase user retention on your e-commerce mobile app.

A lot of effort goes into acquiring new customers and keeping them, especially in e-commerce businesses. Every online store needs two components to grow — customer acquisition and customer retention. Finding new customers can be difficult but ensuring those customers come back is even more challenging.

Mobile apps are creating a lot of buzz in the e-commerce industry for so long. Mobile e-commerce apps are steadily changing the face of online shopping with the rapid growth in app usage. All thanks to apps developers companies for continually enhancing the shopping experience via innovative apps.

E-commerce apps can lead your online store a step ahead in the competitive retail sector to win the extra mile. However, today’s ever-competitive environment has also made it essential for e-commerce app owners to strive for customer retention.

On average, 86% of users churn shopping apps within four weeks of downloading the app. Considering that, it becomes crucial to take the assistance of an experienced mobile app consultant. An app strategist can prepare a sound strategy for your e-commerce app to boost customer retention.

Why Is Customer Retention So Important?

While customer acquisition is essential for business growth, meeting your existing customer base’s needs can be just as critical. Customer retention doesn’t increase overnight; it takes continuous efforts. However, if you have concrete strategies up your sleeve, you can persuade your existing customers back for more.

Why do you need to emphasize customer retention? Customer retention increases your customers’ lifetime value and boosts your revenue. It helps you build strong relationships with your customers. You spend five times less money on customer retention. That said, customer retention also saves on marketing.

The 9 Proven Ways to Increase Customer Retention on Your E-Commerce App

Customer retention helps you build a strong relationship with your buyers. So it’s crucial to connect with customers and form a satisfying experience to retain them. Let’s look at some of the ways to improve user retention on your e-commerce apps.

1. Improved Customer Service and Experience

Creating value for your customers should be the primary focus of customer retention. As an e-commerce app owner, you need to make customer service and experience your top priority. You should emphasize the customer service and experience via account updates and improvement strategies. This will provide a unique experience and encourage your customers to come back to your app.

2. Attention to Personalization

Personalization is a key to retain buyers for your e-commerce app. The better AI and ML-powered algorithms you implement for personalization, the higher will be your user retention rate. Know shoppers’ behavior and make relevant suggestions to make buyers come back to your app frequently. Tailored product recommendation is one of the examples of personalization to retain customers.

3. Use Push Notifications the Right Way

Leveraging the push notification can help you increase retention up to 7x. Make sure to schedule push notifications as per your buyers’ behavior, intent, and app usage time for a better outcome. Use customization to send more appropriate push notifications to your buyers. Abandoned shopping cart reminders are one crucial push notification tactics for e-commerce app owners.

4. Introduce a Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty and reward programs are an effective way to retain customers in e-commerce apps. 75% of consumers prefer companies that have loyalty and rewards programs. These programs offer your customers value through cashback, discounts, or other perks and encourage them to spend more with your brand. If you don’t have a loyalty program yet, consider creating one.

5. Put Together a Customer Referral Program

Everyone likes to get rewarded. To attract new and retain existing customers, you must put together a customer referral program on your e-commerce app. A customer referral program encourages new leads and rewards your customers. A robust referral program comes with numerous benefits. Per Forbes, 54% of marketers say it costs less than other marketing channels, and 78% of B2B marketers say it can generate excellent leads.

6. Easy Repeat Purchases

Increasing repeat purchases and user retention is a dream of all e-commerce business owners. Making it easy for customers to checkout is a way to retain many shoppers after their first purchase. A smooth checkout process works for both new and existing customers. Plus, if you encourage customers to create an account and save their delivery and payment details, the chance of repeat purchases increases.

7. Incorporate Tools to Connect with Customers

Connecting with customers can significantly improve brand loyalty, thus boosting user retention. Effective communication is one of the most crucial ways to increase brand credibility. You can encourage communication by sending text messages, surveys, and social media invites to customers. Add social media icons and highlight phone and chat options in your e-commerce app to better your customer retention.

8. Improved Delivery, Tracking, and Returning Options

Delivery is essential to shoppers and can have a great impact on customer loyalty. As an e-commerce app owner, you need to ensure meeting all your customers’ expectations related to delivery, tracking, and returning. If you want your customers to shop again and again from your app, you need to make on-time delivery, incorporate real-time tracking, and enable a fuss-free returning option in your app.

9. Excellent Customer Support

Good customer service can make a big difference. If you deal efficiently with your customers’ queries and ensure they end up being happy with your service, you leave a good impression on customers. Customer service experience directly affects your customer retention. If you want to improve user retention on your e-commerce app, make sure you’re solving your customers’ solutions with minimum hassle.

Concluding Thought

Customer retention takes some time to implement and show results, but they’re must and worth the effort to increase your customers’ lifetime value. Keeping the aforementioned ways in mind can dramatically help you increase user retention on your e-commerce app. Take a step forward and boost your app’s user retention rate with these proven tactics.

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