7 Best Emoji Apps for iOS and Android Devices

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In this blog, we have penned down 7 best emoji apps popular on iOS and Android platforms that you would love to install and engage with on your mobile device.

Chatting is the most interesting activity that catches the attention of lots of smartphone users. They often get engaged with such activity to interact with their families, friends, colleagues, etc. With the changing of time especially the introduction of emoji apps, the way users express themselves while chatting also witnessed a major change.

Using customized emojis and related features enables users to express their true love, emotion, feelings, etc., in a completely realistic way. Today, users get a liberty to discover numbers of emoji apps matching their needs and choices perfectly. Take a look at certain trendy emoji apps, which are equally popular among both iOS and Android users.

Best Emoji Apps for iOS and Android

Bitmoji (iOS, Android)

Bitmoji is one of the best emoji apps for those who’re frequent Snapchatter. As the name suggests, it is a personalized emoji app that allows you to create Bitmoji versions of yourself to put up on Snapchat as an identity. We have already covered the Bitmoji in our app of the week section. You can use various Bitmoji stickers customized with your Bitmoji and share it on Snapchat and Gboard.

Key Features of Bitmoji App:

  • Access Bitmoji through the chatting app. iOS users can access via keyboard to create a cartoon version of their face.
  • Snapchat users can navigate to the stickers and access their Bitmoji keyboard to select an appropriate Bitmoji to insert into images.
  • Get varieties of styles to choose from to create personal emojis.
  • Customize emoji with hairstyle, eye color, hair color, nose shape, eyebrows, shape, etc., and choose the dressing option in vogue.
  • Share with varieties of apps, including iMessage, WhatsApp, and other popular messaging applications once the Bitmoji is created.
  • Snapchat can avail the option of accessing friendmoji, which enables you to develop emoji for 2 persons.

Elite Emoji (iOS, Android)

Elite Emoji is one of the sought after emoji apps that allows you to create emojis, stickers, GIFs, and more. The app has various sections to explore: Emojis, Daily Ideas, Robin Hoot, I Think Of You, GIFs, Try Me, Pairs, Survey Pony, Useful Messages, Recipients, Animated GIFs, and a lot more that will make you fall in love with this app and make your conversation exciting.

Key Features of Elite Emoji App:

  • 2000 exclusive HD emojis and stickers of all kinds.
  • Send emojis in a single touch on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and other messaging apps.
  • A selection of 5000 witty messages to complement the emoji that you send.
  • Based on personality traits, emojis and captions can be suggested by the app.
  • Add GIFs or create your animated images.
  • Discover which emojis are the most popular to say I love you, I miss you, I think of you, good morning, happy birthday, and more.

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard (iOS, Android)

Facemoji is one of the popular emoji applications that comes with an option to add various keyboard themes to your smartphone. The different available themes include emoticons, DIY emojis, GIFs, stickers, animated themes, and others that are quite interesting to try out. The app is way easy to use and has many options to choose from that can spice up your chatting experience.

Key Features of Facemoji Keyboard App:

  • 3600+ Emojis, Emoticons, GIFs, Stickers, Cool Fonts, and stylish themes.
  • DIY keyboard such as customize buttons, colors, fonts, tapping effects, and more.
  • GIF keyboard and sticker keyboard with unlimited GIFs/MEMES.
  • Packed with 1500+ free stylish themes such as Japanese anime, K-Pop idols, Boba milk tea, Avocado, Ironman, and more.
  • Allows you to express feelings with funny Kaomoji.
  • Type faster and get smart suggestions with a swipe keyboard and smart autocorrect.
  • Supports 100+ languages with a built-in translator.
  • Type and auto-translate to 25+ languages with our keyboard translator.

Disney Emoji Blitz (iOS, Android)

Disney Emoji Blitz is quite different from other apps. The app enables users to collect and play with hundreds of Pixar and Disney emojis like an exciting game. Besides, Disney Emoji Blitz lets you discover lots of unique and amazing emojis, including Star Wars, Pixar, Disney, and more. Users can also complete missions, earn prizes, and discover new emojis. You can then share the collected items with Emoji Blitz keyboards and iMessage stickers.

Key Features of Disney Emoji Blitz App:

  • Collect and play hundreds of Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars emojis in an exciting matching game.
  • Play fast-paced rounds of match 3 to earn prizes, complete missions, and discover new emojis.
  • Engage with special events and new challenges every day.
  • Chat with Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars emojis.
  • Power up and blast the board.
  • Challenge friends and rule the leaderboard.

GIPHY (iOS, Android)

GIPHY is another best emoji app that serves as the world’s largest library containing numbers of stickers, animated GIFs, and more with varied choices. It is also known as ‘The GIF Search Engine’ as it lets users search and share the best GIFs across different channels, including Snapchat, iMessage, Facebook, and others. It also allows you to peel, stick, and send items without leaving the conversation.

Key Features of GIPHY App:

  • Find the perfect GIF from the world’s largest library of animated GIFs.
  • Discover the world of pop culture – memes, TV, movies, music, and more from Game of Thrones to Marvels.
  • Catch all the highlights from your favorite sports.
  • Share a GIF on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.
  • Copy the GIFs to the clipboard or save it for later in your library.
  • Record a custom and personalized GIF.
  • Add fun stickers and captions to bring creations to life.

Emoji Maker (iOSAndroid)

Emoji Maker is a free personal animated phone emojis that let you create your customized emoji. Emoji + animoji, yes, you heard it right. You can express yourself with 3D animated stickers and emojis featuring you as a cartoon avatar maker. You can compile all your work in video apps like YouTube, Karaoke, and others.

Key Features of Emoji Maker App:

  • Discover high-quality graphics made from scratch.
  • Fully customizable emojis (resize, move, and more).
  • Save emojis to the gallery and share it with your friends via other apps.
  • Make your personalized avatar emoji.
  • Browse saved emoji easily.

Go Keyboard (iOSAndroid)

The Go launcher and themes are extremely awesome. Go Keyboard is one of the collections of Go company. This keyboard comes with awesome emojis and enables swipe to GIF keyboard. It’s smooth, speedy and lets you type smartly along with the support of 60+ languages. Go Keyboard is rated beyond 99% emoji keyboard, and 200 million users are using this emoji app worldwide.

Key Features of Go Keyboard App:

  • 10,000+ colorful themes, 1000+ emojis and GIFs, 800+ emoticons, 100+ fonts, and 60+ languages to design your keyboard.
  • Change the keyboard background with one switch.
  • Feature-packed with emoji search, auto-correction, gesture typing and voice input, various layouts, and support for a tablet device.
  • Create a cartoon avatar that looks like you.
  • Get your sticker library all with your avatar emoji.
  • Share your avatar emoji with your friends on social media platforms.

Wrapping Up!

Today, intentionally or unintentionally, emojis have become a significant part of our day to day conversations either on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or other platforms. We hope that the aforementioned emoji apps for Android and iOS will satisfy your emoji needs, help you make the most out of them, thus helping you make your chats exciting and fun!

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