App of the Week: Bitmoji – Personalized Emoji App

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Bored with chatting in the same way with your friends, family members, and others? Well, you have a reason to smile. Get the best ever chatting experience with Bitmoji letting you create your own personal emoji and send it to anyone using any popular messaging app. Being perfect for all ages, the app makes you entitled to access certain specific features if linked with none other than Snapchat. With a plethora of stickers to choose from, the app lets you create an expressive cartoon emoji to impress everyone.

Bitmoji Featuresbitmoji screen

  • Android users can access Bitmoji through the chatting app whereas iOS users can access it through the keyboard to create a cartoon version of their face.
  • Snapchat users just need to navigate to the stickers and can just access their Bitmoji keyboard to make a selection of an appropriate Bitmoji to insert into images.
  • Get varieties of styles to choose from to create personal emojis.
  • Customize your emoji with hairstyle, eye color, hair color, nose shape, eyebrows, shape, etc. And choose the dressing option, which is in vogue.
  • Once users create their personalized emoji, they will be able to share it with varieties of apps including iMessage, WhatsApp, and other popular messaging applications.
  • Those who use Bitmoji on Snapchat can avail the option of accessing friendmoji, which enables you to create 2-person emoji.

Though Bitmoji is an appropriate app for all ages, it excites minors a lot, by letting them upload their preferences on social media platforms, which also improves their creative skills. And this is something that the majority of parents like about their children. The app, in other words, is not only fun-packed but also acts as a perfect tool to polish your creative skills.

Available for iOS and Android users, Bitmoji is available free to download for everyone. However, it also comes with some in-app purchase options to cater to the specific needs of users.

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How Bitmoji App Works?


You may be anxious to know how the app works, especially after getting an overview of everything about Bitmoji? Well, we’re going to explain the same step-by-step.

  • All data that users access with the app get saved in the backend server.
  • When users access the app and make requests about a specific option, the request then directly goes to the backend and then the desired option appears on the app screen.
  • All the activities users perform, ranging from the selection of a particular sticker and customizing emoji, again get saved in the backend system.
  • When users send the customized emoji, then the request again goes to the server system and then the saved copy is sent directly to the requested address.

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