App of the Week: One Clue Crossword

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Are you fond of playing crossword puzzles? Get ready to discover a unique experience with One Clue Crossword! Stuffed with 800+ puzzles accompanied with 200 bonus puzzles, the app is apt for word enthusiasts and lets them explore lots of fun and joy while solving puzzles. It helps them grab a wonderful opportunity to sharpen their minds when playing games. Being a new type of crossword puzzle, One Clue Crossword offers puzzle including a single picture rather than a complete list of written clues.

One Clue Crossword Features

  • Enjoy a thrilling experience and discover a new way to engage with crossword.One Clue Crossword - App of the week
  • Stay engaged with 730+ puzzles over 46 chapters and also many more are expected to come in the future.
  • Discover as you play with over 230 all-new bonus puzzles.
  • Test your skills with end-of-chapter Guardian Puzzles.
  • Packed-in with various top-notch images including places, people, animals and lots more for making puzzles more engaging.
  • Displace those of unused letters using instant hints or also divulge those letters that are in the clue.
  • Newly incorporated NEW – ‘Mix-Up’ mode that helps you get an extra challenge, only if you completed all the chapters.

One Clue Crossword lets you choose from 100s of unique puzzles and experience more challenges to solve them. Some of the puzzles are easy-to-play and you need to say what you find whereas others require some efforts from your side. No matter what, playing crossword with One Clue Crossword makes your experience better than ever. Available on both iOS and Android, One Clue Crossword is free to download. The paid version is also available with in-app purchases. To download the app free, all you need to do is to disable the in-app purchase option.

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How One Clue Crossword Works?

One Clue Crossword - App of the week Screen2

One Clue Crossword gives users a challenge of solving unsolved puzzles and relate every word with a picture to complete the game. It works in the following steps:

  • It saves all puzzles in a backend server.
  • The app sends requests directly to the server system when users choose a particular crossword puzzle.
  • The backend server stores all activities that users make while solving puzzles and the app displays content accordingly.
  • At the end of the puzzle, the server sends data back to the app to complement users with stickers.

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