BlackBerry App Development: Marketing Strategy for Low Budget Projects

BlackBerry application development is always looked as the least competitive field of mobile app development. it is a market mantra that less the competition; more the profit and by following this mantra a lot of businesses and BlackBerry app developers are counting the bundles of bucks.

For the success of an application there are a few factors which weighs equal and important. Failure of any of these aspects can surely invite an application to be the part of failure party. No matter how much innovative your concept is, no matter how much engaging your app is; If you are not a well known name in the field of App development, your application will be a dumb without effective marketing strategy.

Below is an informative video in which the speaker has revealed the marketing strategy for low budget projects:

It is easy for a big business to hire some market strategy specialist and burning thousand of dollars for the advertisement and marketing of the application but for the small business who merely had left with a few hundred dollars after the core development process; It is undoubtedly impossible for them to afford the high marketing cost. So the word ‘marketing’ is only applicable for the Money Machines?

And the answer is NO. In this post of mine I am going to elaborate some very effective marketing tactics which can be carried out without paying even a single penny or just a few dollars.

Time for a Video Shoot


In this quick running world nobody dares to read boring paragraphs of product or service description but videos are easy and quick mean to advertise your services. Just make a quick video of 4-5 mins and tell a brief description of your application, its use; area of usability, price(if any), interaction mode; a demo of the app, your favorite movie star ! Yes tell them about your favorite movie star or your sun sign to make it interesting. You don’t need to be a professional video maker with costly equipment, a 5 Mega Pixel mobile camera can perfectly do the job.

QR Codes are Trendy

coffie QR code

QR codes are one of the best and most effective marketing strategy to make your application a viral among the potential users. it is really easy and affordable to make a QR code of your application; you can later use this QR code to advertise via posters, Websites, Brouchers, Cards and social networking profiles.



Twitter is the home of millions of potential users and if you would be successful to even attract a fraction of those users; you would be in need to hire an accountant. Regularly tweet your application, Press release, related news and updates via Twitter to increase the visibility of your BlackBerry App.


Beside with these marketing steps you can even go for Website banners, advertisement, Reviews on forums and many more other tactics. If you are sure about your idea then we at Appschopper can surely make it a success bag for you. We are the renowned BlackBerry application developers and provides the complete app development solution package.

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