BlackBerry Application Development: Business App Development Tips

BlackBerry Application Development: Business App Development Tips
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BlackBerry application development is a way different from the other trades of mobile application development. So it is really a must for you to take care of some important aspects before developing a Business application for BlackBerry devices. In this post of mine I am providing the list of the top 5 points that you must consider for BlackBerry application development.

Innovative Application Concept

BlackBerry application development may not provide a super glowing interface but if you know how to use the astounding features of the BlackBerry operating system then you can surely create a blockbuster. So try to invent an innovative application concept that can be used for different business related tasks.

Simple yet attractive UI

As I had already discussed that the BlackBerry applications are a way different than the others. So before designing the user interface of the BlackBerry Business application; you must keep in mind that putting too much fancy visuals and dozens of menus are a big NO here. Of course the application’s UI must be attractive but Business applications are mostly used by the professionals not the college going students.

Testing Should Be Done on Devices

Mobile emulators and simulators are the most common techniques to test the application on different mobile systems without having a physical device. But in the case of BlackBerry Business applications I will surely recommend you to check the apps on devices rather than mobile simulators.

Price Tag Of the Application

Pricing of the application is one of the most crucial factor that decides the success of the mobile application. So it is very important that you must spend some hours by studying and decide the price tag for your business application. If you are a new face in the BlackBerry mobile app development then it will be a good move to first offer a beta version for free and then offering the price tag as per the response of the users.

Selling the Application

After you had pasted a price tag on your BlackBerry Business application; it is really an important step to find the way to sell the app. There are basically two ways by which you can sell your application; either by selling it directly to the BlackBerry App World or distributing it on different 3rd party app channels like MobiHand and Handango.

These tips will surely enhance the result of your business application. For more information about the BlackBerry Business application, you can contact us at [email protected]. We love to assist any query regarding every concept of mobile application development.

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