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User Benefits and Ideal Features of Grocery App Development for Your Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this post, we will share lights on grocery apps popularity, its benefits for users and the features to consider while planning grocery app development for your business. Grocery mobile app development is among the most demanded requirement for businesses in the online retail domain. The way this industry is booming, it has the scope

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Android App Develoment Cost - AppsChopper

Factors that Decide the Android App Development Cost

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog post, we have penned down the different factors which take part while deciding the Android App development cost. Android apps are no longer used just for entertainment purposes but prove their mettle in almost every aspect. Android apps have crossed the 3.3 million mark in 2018 on the play store and are

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Mobile App Infographics

Mobile Apps Development Interesting Facts and Infographic

Reading Time: < 1 minute Everyone loves to explore more about the topics they are curious about. Mobile app is a highly interesting topic for those who love to explore the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies. We have published here an infographic outlining certain interesting facts related to mobile app development in 2013. There would be barely any mobile users

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Hidden Risks Behind Mobile Application Development

Reading Time: 2 minutes Whether it is the super cool iOS device or the amazing Android gizmo; Smartphones are ruling the gadget world with an impressive statement. If we put a limelight on the success and popularity of the Smartphones it is visible that mobile applications had a crucial role in the play. Games, utility, fun, music, multimedia, map

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Geofencing for mobile apps - AppsChopper

Growing Use of Geofencing in Mobile Apps

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog post, we have discussed how Geo Fencing has taken the mobile app development market by storm & has become the latest phase in the app development arena. Geofencing is a technique to sector the physical geographical area by virtual boundaries. These virtual sectors are independently connected to a server and send notification

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History: Mystery of Mobile Application Development Revealed HERE

Reading Time: 2 minutes The world has undoubtedly accepted the fact that applications are the way to get the most of the smartphones. Isn’t it interesting to trace the history markups for the mobile application development and summarize the fact that this term was not even in the dictionary just a couple of years ago. If we go back

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