7 Common (Yet Critical) Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid

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Do you want to make a successful (mistakes-free) mobile app that can easily beat your competitors? Keep reading this post. This blog lists the worst mobile app development mistakes you need to avoid, affecting your goals and halting your success.

As people are gravitating more towards mobile phones, the mobile app industry is also growing tremendously. The study shows that the mobile app development market will increase at the rate of $497 billion during 2020-2024.

In fact, Americans spend nearly 90% of their mobile time on apps only (the number is ever-increasing). From shopping to ordering food, watching movies/series, gaming, and more, people use mobile apps for almost every day to day things. Therefore, it becomes crucial for businesses to make a perfect app that users love to use.

By 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than $935 billion in revenues.


The study also reveals that 9,999 out of 10,000 mobile apps fail (that’s a 0.01% success rate).

No business wants its mobile app development project to fail. Every organization builds apps intending to generate profit. And (of course) you’re no different.

So what can you do differently to make your app profitable and recognizable? Avoid common (yet essential) mobile app development mistakes and hire an experienced, well-versed, and expert app builder company.

The Importance of Successful Mobile App Development in Today’s Age and Beyond

In today’s digitally competitive world, developing a compelling mobile app that lures users and makes your business stand out becomes pivotal. Why so?

Having a mobile app can drastically increase your sales, encourages customer loyalty, increases brand awareness, improves accessibility, is one of the best marketing tools, and ultimately helps you generate better ROI.

Building an app is essential if you (as a business) want to expand your business and unlock market reach like never before. If you don’t want to miss out on a big chance to attract potential customers, develop a mobile app right away!

Top 7 Worst Mobile Application Development Mistakes You Should Avoid (To Prosper)

If you have decided to move ahead and develop a mobile app, it’s important to avoid these critical mobile development mistakes to make your app lovable and lucrative.

Let’s have a look!

Not Understanding What Users Want and Need

Like every building becomes strong due to its strong foundation. Likewise, every successful mobile app begins with thorough user research. If you’re overlooking the user research and failing to understand what your users want and need, you’re committing one of the biggest app development mistakes of all time.

Dive in and conduct in-depth market research, know your users’ demographics, behavioral patterns, interests, pain points, and how you can contribute to resolving their issues via your app. This way, you can build a user-centric app.

Replicating the Website App

Most businesses develop a web (or desktop) app before they invest in mobile app development. In fact, they mirror their web app and turn it into a mobile app. That’s where they make the worst mobile app development mistake. Because mobile apps and web app work differently; hence, you should emphasize building a unique mobile app for your business that offers a smooth, enjoyable user experience on iOS and Android devices.

Building One App for Multiple Platforms at Once

Yes, developing an app for multiple platforms at once is usually advisable. But making this move early on is proven to be a mistake. Making an app for multiple platforms can surely help you reach a wider audience but ensure not to go for too many platforms simultaneously.

First, it’s expensive. Secondly, it’s a humongous task. You will need to hire an iOS development firm (for iOS app development) and an Android app company for (Android app development). It’s time-consuming, pocket-draining, and takes a lot of effort.

Budget Mismanagement

Another common app development mistake businesses make is poor budget management. App development is a significant business investment; thus, you (as a business) need to pay heed to how you will handle your budget. You need to decide the general financial plan of application development to not fall behind. It is highly advisable to make a detailed budget before you begin the development process, and most importantly, adhere strictly to that budget.

Not Prioritizing for MVP

Developing a full-fledged mobile app initially rather than aiming to build an MVP is one of the most common mobile app development mistakes most businesses make. If you have a knack for playing it safe, you should consider making a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Many big successful giants, such as Instagram, Uber, and others, used the MVP model for better outcomes. By investing in MVP development, you can understand the needs and wants of your users in a better way. Therefore, you can give them a better app. Plus, the MVP model is cost-effective.

Not Emphasizing UX/UI

There are so many reasons why many apps fail, but poor UX/UI is one of the most prominent ones. In fact, it is believed that UI/UX is one of the main reasons why users uninstall apps.

Apps that take too long to load have complex navigation, and lack creativity is considered poor UI/UX. If you don’t want your app to fall in that (uninstallation) category, emphasize UX/UI designing. Consider hiring a creative mobile app design agency that can take your app design game to a whole new level.

Not Testing the App Meticulously

Picture this.

If you launch your app and users complain about basic features not working, buttons are not thumb-friendly, errors popping out so often, etc. What would be your reaction? Of course, you will lose your temper because the first impression of your app has been ruined. Plus, it has also resulted in a poor user experience.

Not testing the app meticulously before launching is one of the biggest app development mistakes businesses can ever make (but shouldn’t). To get rid of this, you need to ensure your app has been adequately tested on all the platforms, devices, and is free from bugs, errors, and any type of glitch.

Quick Recap (Summary)

We agree that app development is a time-taking process and should be done attentively to avoid some common and basic (yet critical) app development mistakes. Therefore, we handpicked some common and worst app development mistakes and highlighted them here so that businesses can learn and avoid these mistakes and thrive tremendously. Last but not least tip is, just keep a user-centric approach while developing an app, and you’re good to go!

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