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In current competitive digital industry, Android smartphones have undoubtedly revolutionized the arena of mobile devices by opening numerous new avenues. In terms of technology, Android devices are leading well ahead of the competitors and continuously soaring their foothold to give a new edge to the industry. Almost all the complex tasks can be performed with ease. Whether there is a need to shop online or search the shortest line to reach to the destination, Android smartphone is one which is strongly urging people to turn towards. Their consistent power with Android apps which are developed by the dedicated android app developer hits the global market potentially by broadening the functionality and features of the smartphones that make them favorable & highly utilitarian amidst the users. This is why, such mobile devices incorporated with remarkable features, have an immense user base.

Business is where the customers are. Naturally, Android has served as a great platform for the businesses as it connects them to the prospective customers. Using the Android apps, the companies with the dedicated android app developer offer their best products and services to the end-users and ensure good profit for themselves. Users too are benefited in a huge way as they get a chance to avail various services and purchase a vast array of products sitting in the comfort of their homes. The open source Android platform has made all this quite easy and convenient.

Android offers all the necessary tools, technologies and knowledge required to build the apps, thus making the job of the developer, a breeze. There are numerous Android development firms that recruit dedicated android app developers. Any business that is not associated with Android app development can avail offshore development services from these development firms and take their business to the new heights of success.

How does Business Benefit from Android Apps?

As already mentioned, Android apps enjoy a huge user base. As of now, there are 1.5 billion Android users in the world. The figure clearly indicates that if the businesses are active on Android through apps, they will be at an advantageous position. Moreover, the Android apps can rev up the revenue by several ways, thus offering better control. So, for getting the best out of the android apps business need to hire a dedicated android app developer or android app development company to develop a robust mobile application for their business.

Some benefits that the business can reap from Android apps

♦ E-commerce apps help sell products and services directly to the customers, thus saving on overheads like physical store management, distributors’ margin, etc.
♦ Android apps let the companies connect with the audience on a more personal basis and foster long lasting relationship.
♦ The apps can also be built for making the internal processes of the business accessible to the personnel who are always on the go.
♦ Android apps can be monetized by several ways, e.g. upfront payment, in-app purchases and advertisements.
♦ The cost of Android app development is less as most of the tools are made available by Google.

Qualities that should be Looked for While Hiring an Dedicated Android App Developer

For an Android app to become viral, it must be high on look & feel and offer great usability to the end-users. This is possible only when the app has been developed by a programmer who is master of the craft. The developer must be thorough with JAVA language and working of SDK and IDEs like Eclipse and Android studio. Apart from the technical skills, the developer should possess a brain with creative ideas. It is not tough to find such Dedicated Android app developer.


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