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Love is inevitable part of a human being’s life but it is harder to find the perfect person of your choice. Today, the technology revolves all around us and we utilize it many ways especially for socializing and infotainment but yes, dating is another way to find your love and connect with him/her through private messaging. As the dating apps are getting popular day by day, more & more people are turning towards them leading to the tremendous upsurge of the dating app development industry.

According to the recent scenario, the dating mobile apps are generating overall revenue of $2 billion and more than 7 million people are connected through these apps while each of them spends $243 through in-app purchases. The most popular dating app “Tinder” has a wide market share with more than 50 million users from all around the globe. So, many businesses are taking benefits from these type of dating apps and generating increased revenues through them.

Every Tinder like dating app is developed with similar features and functionalities. For making your dating app user-friendly and engaging, the dating app developer must focus on integrating the following advanced features in it:

Security & privacy measures

Profile photo- Online dating is all about connecting and building relationship through app. With the advanced profile photo verification, every picture uploaded on the user’s profile will automatically verify & match it with the current profile picture.

Privacy for the female users- Many female users get undesirable messages which is a major issue they face while using a dating app. Many developers use bubble platform in the dating app development as it offers the first messaging feature to the women users. This advanced approach allows girls to connect first and message if they are interested and find the perfect match for themselves.

App siren feature- A secured dating app is trusted by the users as everyone wants privacy especially women. With the app siren feature, women users can blur their profile photos and receive or reply only to the selected people of their choice.

Double verification- Many dating app users are registered on different social media sites and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Enabling the double verification feature blocks the potential spammers and builds a wide user-base.

Two-step login option- The significance of having a two-step login is all about the user engagement and interests. While going on through the process of dating app development, the developer must outline the app’s design with generic login and additional verification for further step.

Dating with perfect match

Messaging is the major feature of any dating app and it’s up to you that how you are engaging your users through this. There are many messaging features which the users may find interesting and useful like:

* Unlimited chatting with free messaging
* Video transfer and Video call
* Pre-made questions on dating
* Shared interests through favorite movies, hobbies, & common experiences

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Integrating advanced features & functionalities to a dating app can lead to its success and adaptability among the users. It can be said that a dating app is similar to the digitalized love and these apps are made for everyone and can be used without any age restriction. Many businesses hire dating app developers as these apps generate revenue and they are interesting & useful for the users.

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