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The world has undoubtedly accepted the fact that applications are the way to get the most of the smartphones. Isn’t it interesting to trace the history markups for the mobile application development and summarize the fact that this term was not even in the dictionary just a couple of years ago.

If we go back to the history of the mobile apps then we can figure out that the monthly calendar, a few Java games, and a calculator were all that came under the category of mobile applications. However, the first smartphone was presented for the general use in 1993 by IBM that was loaded with features like calendar, calculator, world clock and contact book. The next major achievement in the field of mobile application development was marked by RIM; the BlackBerry Smartphone was released in 2002 which was integrated with the innovative concept of wireless email.

The growing digits of years keep polishing the advancement in the mobile application development and the bumper blockbuster was experienced by the general users in July 2008 when Apple launched the App Store for iOS users with just a few thousand applications. Later on, Android too followed the trend by introducing the Android market in October for the same year.

If we make a flash on the current statistics of mobile applications we can easily calculate the sharply growing graph of this trend. Till May 2012; the download figures crossed the digits of 15 billion for Google play and 25 billion for the App Store.

To provide a better representation of the data and statistics we are providing a detailed infographic of mobile application development history.

Mobile Application Development Evolution

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A healthy remarkable growing graph of mobile application development at the present is surely pointing towards a much better future possibilities, with great demand for iOS application development services and android app development services  If we go with the future predictions of the experienced and renowned web monks then we can expect a huge raise of 44 billion app download till 2016. So it will surely be a wise decision to be on the ship which has a party mashing on.

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  1. Mobile apps have experienced a paradigm shift over the span of 5 years. They have become much more interactive and usable, thanks to the emergence of new technologies and better programmers. The ability to personalize the experience of the users is the most promising feature of the mobile apps and this is what puts them ahead of their web counterparts.


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