How Shopping Mall App helps Owners and Retail Business Increase Sales?

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In this blog post, we have outlined points that explain how shopping mall app helps mall owners and retail businesses drive higher revenue.

Shopping mall app has pricked up the ears of many mall owners and their retail partners, giving them opportunity to entice customers and surge sales. In today’s digital age, such mobile apps are becoming lifeline for mall businesses. It enables retailers to reinvent their sales strategy, with shopping mall apps as a tool to drive customers. In addition, it helps mall owners to drive more revenue with great monetization models. Here is a good read on mall business from McKinsey.

Benefit of Investing in Shopping Mall App?

Apart from helping retail partners in strengthening their sales strategy, a mobile app for shopping mall offers certain great benefits for mall owners too:

In-App Promotion

The ‘in-app promotion’ monetization model allow you to promote retail partners willing to get some extra visibility for mutually agreed cost. With this monetization model, the app is designed to allow placing promotional ads of affiliate retail stores in desired sections.

Share in Direct Sales

This monetization model allows you to get a share from the sales given to your retailers through the mobile application. Whenever any direct sales takes place via app, retailers will pay you a percentage of their revenue. This becomes a great source of recurring income, and retailers are happy to give you a share as you gave them business without any efforts.

The apps also serves as an important tool to help retailers grab a plethora of opportunities to promote their products directly among their target audience. This helps them witness a surging sales figure and discover many chances to fuel their growth. Let us discuss the benefits of shopping mall app for retailers:

Engage Customers with Proximity Messaging

Proximity messaging is an important feature that ensures a higher customer engagement. This is useful in making customers informed about upcoming shopping mall events and of course store promotions. Using location-aware technologies like GPS, shopping mall app sends customers these contextual messages based on their preferences, locations and more.

Wish List for Future Shopping

With shopping mall apps, customers get facility to browse products in the store and select some items for future shopping. They can use the ‘wish list’ option to save all products that they wish to purchase in future. This helps them easily locate the store, product, try it and purchase while visiting the mall. Or they can even make direct purchase from the app, just like Amazon or Walmart.

Work Seamlessly with Website

The most interesting fact about shopping mall app is that it works seamlessly with the website. This means the app pickups the important information about sale, promotional deals, etc., directly from the website. Therefore, the app displays any new information related to new store launch, latest deals, discount, etc., published on the website in real-time.

Quick and Easier Communication with Customers

A shopping mall app serves its core purpose of making communication easy and quick between retailers and customers. It is an important tool that encourages stores to send messages including reminder for visit, birthday special offers, etc., and entices customers to shop.

360 Degree Map Rotation to Locate Retailers

Many updated shopping mall applications include 360-degree map rotation. Customers can access feature like zoom in and zoom out to checkout stores of their interest. They can also enjoy switching between floors, surrounding streets and many more. This ultimately excites customers to visit the place and end up with lots of shopping.

Navigation between Parking and Stores

Turn-by-turn navigation is quite useful feature that gives an ability to shopping mall apps to integrate Geo-spatially maps accurately, with those of certain location-aware technologies. It also enables customers to plan their route between parking lot and retail stores in the easiest way.

Smart Searches

Shopping mall apps include the functionality to access external data sources. It helps customers enjoy a liberty of predictive search, which helps shoppers explore suggestions while searching anything. This speeds up the search process. User can search about the mall and specific retailers by using appropriate keywords and category.

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