How to Build a Successful Photo and Graphic Designing App: A Complete Guide

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Are you highly impressed with Canva’s popularity? Do you want to build a similar graphic designing app to succeed? This post is for you. This comprehensive guide tells you how to easily and quickly build a successful photo and graphic designing app.

Images play a vital role in grabbing people’s attention and even making the online business more successful. The impression individuals form of your business highly depends on the images and other visuals you use for your website/application’s aesthetics.

That said, it won’t be wrong to say that images can literally make or break your online business, and that’s why you need to make it highly visually appealing. And that’s why most people these days heavily rely on photo editing and graphic designing apps. These apps have reinvented the entire photo editing and image designing experience and made the process easiest.

Also, nowadays, creating social media graphics, presentations, business cards, and more has become crucial than ever before. And image designing apps handle all these effortlessly. Canva is one great example of a successful graphic design app. Per recent stats, with more than 55 million monthly active users, Canva achieved a 130% year-over-year rise in annual revenue while remaining profitable.

Seeing the ever-growing demand and popularity of an image designing app like Canva, businesses are thinking of investing more in graphic design mobile app development. Therefore, hiring a reputable, experienced, and highly skilled application development company for better outcomes.

Having said that, let’s step ahead and learn how you can build a unique, creative, and user-friendly image designing app and flourish tremendously. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the basics of photo editing and graphic designing apps.

Photo Editing and Graphic Designing: What Do You Mean by That?

When you make any type of changes in pictures, that’s photo editing. This mainly includes image altering, modifying, and improving the overall images using different techniques, tools, or software. Photo editing is performed to create the best possible look for the image and also to improve the overall image quality. Today, companies need to edit a photo for various purposes, and the importance of photo editing is undeniable.

Graphic designing is the art of combining words and pictures to convey ideas effectively. It’s where professionals create highly appealing visual content to communicate messages. That said, graphic designing has gained immense popularity worldwide lately. Images in websites, billboards, posters, and magazines are good examples of graphic design.

The Rise of Photo Editing and Graphic Designing

The ever-growing importance of good visual content has increased the demand for photo editing and graphic designing. And that’s the reason, today, graphic design industry revenue has reached $41.8 billion. And it will continue to grow enormously.

And that’s the reason many businesses today seek a creative mobile app design agency to build an irresistible graphic design app to communicate the message that can make people stop, engage, and react. The demand for photo editing and graphic design is booming, and it becomes imperative for businesses to lay stress on investing in graphic design app development to stay competitive.

How to Prepare a Successful Roadmap for a Photo Editing and Graphic Designing App?

App Vision

This is the very first step in preparing a roadmap for your graphic design mobile app. Before stepping into the app world, you must have a vision in your mind of what you want your final app to be. You must know which problem your graphic design app will resolve, why and for whom. Define user persona, do some market research, competitors, and you’re good to go.


Strategy comes second. You must execute a plan detailing what you need to do to meet the requirements. Prepare your unique strategy for your graphic design app, make the unique value proposition (UVP). Giving strategic direction to your photo editing and graphic design mobile app will give your roadmap the right direction.


You must have a clear objective about your app in your mind. When you focus on building a graphic design app that is user-focused, you will automatically stand out among the crowd. Emphasize having a special type of information, methodologies, orientation, and more for your goals. Think and make changes in your goals accordingly.


Create a master list of all the features you want to include, and then start organizing and prioritizing them to keep your app focused. Following the “Must, Should, Could, and Won’t” (MoSCoW) method, you can determine which features to implement first and which can come later and if any of the features need to be removed completely.


Measuring your efforts are vital to improve and grow in the future. However, choosing metrics carefully can help you a lot. If you determine your KPIs on time, you will identify what areas to focus on with your first release and what to improve when iterating for your app’s later releases. Experts advise building an MVP, focusing on a limited number of metrics only.

How to Develop an Irresistible Image Designing Mobile App: Step-By-Step Guide

Keep the Design Simple

Simple things attract everyone, no matter what. And that’s also should be the case with graphic design apps. If you aim to build an attractive image designing app, you need to focus on simplicity. Make the design of your app simple and easy to use. Make it so easy that even a person who doesn’t have any experience or skills in graphic designing can leverage the app hassle-free. Remember, keep it simple and attract millions.

Aim for Vast Collection

A graphic designing app’s library needs to be huge. Period. It should have everything you need, be it social media templates or resumes. Having said that, if you want your app to be competitive, you need to have a vast library like no matter what. Ensure your graphic designing app has a huge library of photos, graphics, fonts, templates, etc., from which one can choose from. Don’t make users run out of options ever.

Make It User-Friendly

If users can resonate well with your app and feel connected with your app, you have already won half the battle. A graphic designing app must ease the job of the user; that should be the aim. That said, if you want to accomplish a successful graphic designing app, you must focus on making the mobile app as user-friendly as you can. Make choosing, editing, downloading, and more effortless for users. They must feel at ease using your app.

Give Something to Everyone

Whether you’re a student looking to make exciting college presentations or a working professional who wants the best presentation templates to grab seniors’ attention, an image designing app should have something for everyone. That’s what will make it more lovable. Therefore, make sure, from business owners, musicians, teachers, students, social media influencers, and anyone can leverage the app and reap maximum benefits out of it.

Make It Universal

Making the app universal; means you can target more people. More people means more money. With that being said, when it comes to building a graphic designing app, universality can be the best thing about such an App. Make it available worldwide and let everyone leverage the app. This way, your app will gain immense recognition that will eventually help you generate better ROI.

9 Must-Have Features to Add in Your Image (and Graphic Designing) App

Intuitive Interface

Nobody likes things that are complicated and tough to use. Therefore, you need to focus on creating an intuitive interface for your graphic designing app. An intuitive interface provides tools and menus where expected. Hence, ensure all the features are there, but users shouldn’t feel frustrated while understanding and navigating. keep the user interface simple (yet attractive) that is easy to use and to deploy to users.

Drag and Drop Feature

The drag and drop feature is exactly what you think. It’s loved by many because it’s effortless. All you need to do is pick the design, drag it to your desired location, and drop it; your design will be ready. Also, the drag and drop interface makes customization simpler and easier than ever. Therefore, to compete with other graphic designing apps, you need to incorporate the drag and drop feature to make the app user-friendly and engaging.


Templates are the main support system of any graphic design app, and the same should be the case with your image design app. It must have enough templates that users can choose, edit, and customize as per their needs. That said, you need to make your image designing app templates loaded. Make home to thousands of free, professionally designed templates of all categories that can be customized with just a few clicks.

Photo Editing

This is basic, but this must be there in your graphic design mobile app. Along with offering basic cropping and texturing photos, you can go advanced and offer various photo editing features that can entice users, such as blurring photos, adding texts, creating collages, photo grids, and more. Ensure to add all the necessary beginner-friendly photo editing features to produce an engrossing impression on your users.

Stock Images, Icons, and Fonts

Images are becoming the need of today’s digital era. However, unique and personalized images are hard to find. That said, you need to create a vast library of free stock photos, icons, and fonts that users can use to create engaging designs. In fact, with a vast option, users can easily pick the images, icons, and fonts that can resonate well with their business needs. So step ahead and incorporate this feature in your app right away.

Smart Mockups

Leverage smart mockups feature and allow users to generate custom, eye-catching product mockups using any device. You can simply add it under the “effects” tab while you have an image selected so that users can easily select the mockups from the list of options and get started making awesome mockups for their businesses’ products. Sounds fascinating? Try it out; it will definitely make your app stand out.

Brand Kit

Now this one can be one of the greatest features of your image and graphic design app. Why? Because this time-saving feature can help users organize a brand’s aesthetic and identity by enabling them to save brand kit colors, fonts, and logos all in one convenient place. Make sure you let users navigate to your brand kit on the dashboard’s brand kit tab so that they can access all of the brand’s styles.

Color Palette Generator

You must have a feature in your photo editing and image designing app that can allow users to generate color palette ideas and inspiration for use in the designs. Imagine, users just have to upload their image, and after that, they can easily generate ideas and inspiration depending on the design aesthetics idea they have in their minds. This sounds super fun and exciting. So consider it as a must-have feature to incorporate.

Curved Text Generator

What do you think when you first read about “curved text generators”? Yes, you may be thinking in the right direction. A curved text generator can allow users to use the other text effect tools simultaneously to create endless design possibilities. This can be a hugely time-saving feature that can excite your users and give them a feel of using unique and personalized photo editing and image designing apps.

Top 7 Popular Photo Editing and Graphic Designing Apps: A Quick List


Canva doesn’t need any introduction. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular photo editing, image designing, and graphic designing platforms available in today’s time. It is feature-rich and offers a lot of flexibility in terms of image designing, photo editing, and more. Plus, it has more than 50,000 templates, and that’s its USP.


Crello is a powerful contender to Canva, having a large number of templates in many styles and formats. The feature that sets Crello apart is its animation maker suite, which gives users animated templates and objects to use to bring more engaging images and videos to life. Choose if you want to create and share animated images.


Visme is not your regular graphic design tool; it goes beyond everything. The drag-and-drop editor is intuitive, easy to use, and packed with lots of features. Visme is an all-in-one design tool that allows users to create professional and attractive presentations, social media posts, infographics, and more effortlessly.


Stencil is a basic (yet highly attractive) image design tool that comes with numerous features. The main idea with Stencil is to use a background image and put text over it. Being a lightweight image design tool, Stencil offers some simple icons and shapes to add to a design and makes it easy to create images for social media channels or websites.


PicMonkey is one of the best image designing tools if you want to create from scratch. It has a large selection of design tools to work with. The most notable of all the features of PicMonkey is the photo retoucher. It does a lot of what Photoshop can do; the only difference is it is pretty easy to use.


Fotor is famous for its advanced photo editing capabilities that allow users to quickly edit images and use them to create web designs. If you’re looking to edit and retouch your images or want to build your web and social images off of a template, Fotor is your go-to tool. If you enjoy the Canva interface, you’ll feel right at home in Fotor.


Snappa is a great photo editing and image designing app; however, it’s majorly used for social media posts and blog graphics. The editor is simple and clean, the design elements include icons, vectors, photos, and the simplest set of shapes. If you want to create and share social media images on the fly, Snappa is for you.

The Future Scope of Photo Editing App and Image Designing App Development

As the demand for graphics and visual content is rapidly rising to make an online business successful, image designing app development is in great demand. In fact, 51% of marketers in the B2B sector consider the creation of visual assets to be the top of their priority list. Hence, the demand for graphic design is growing tremendously.

That said, the scope of photo editing, image designing, and graphic designing app development is indeed bright. So if you’re considering graphic designing app development, you’re undoubtedly thinking lucratively.

In Conclusion

After reading this guide, you must have known how to build a successful photo and graphic designing app. See, graphic designing apps are loved by almost everyone these days, from business professionals, students, social media influencers to many others. Having said that, the future scope of photo editing and image design apps is dazzling. So don’t hesitate, go ahead, and develop an outstanding graphic design mobile app right away!

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