How to Strategize Your E-Commerce Mobile App Development the Best Way

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Have you been planning to create a successful e-commerce app like Amazon or eBay? What do you need? A tried and tested strategy that doesn’t fail. This blog talks about how to strategize your e-commerce app development the best way to reap its maximum benefits.

The E-commerce industry is booming, and every business owner wants to jump on the bandwagon. Meanwhile, shopping apps are also surging, so it’s tough to sustain your space in the crowded app store.

That said, today, where mobile traffic accounts for nearly 55% of all traffic, with mobile sales quickly catching up, having an e-commerce app is not a question of why anymore, but how to do it the right way to stand out from the rest.

Succeeding in today’s fierce e-commerce businesses’ competition becomes imperative (but challenging at the same time). Because the most crucial touchpoint of all these days is a seamless mobile experience. That’s why you need the right and “proven to work” strategy for your e-commerce development.

But the question is:

How to make a feature-packed e-commerce app, drives sales, and helps you generate more revenue? The answer is simple! Leverage a well-versed mobile apps development company that can prepare a well-thought-out strategy for your e-commerce app and help you sell successfully.

Increase in Demand for E-Commerce App Development: Why?

Why is there an increase in demand for e-commerce mobile app development? Why do many businesses incline towards e-commerce app development? Several essential factors facilitate e-commerce development, such as the digital transformation era, mobility, advanced customer experience, convenience and time-saving, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the rise in the use of mobile devices globally is the top reason why businesses are gravitating more towards building e-commerce apps. The benefits of mobile commerce app development entice businesses to the core.

Enough has been said about e-commerce and its increased demand. It’s time to delve deeper and learn how to strategize your e-commerce mobile app development correctly. So without any further ado, let’s get right in!

How to Strategize a Successful E-Commerce App Development: Following 7 Simple (And Proven) Steps

Know Your Target Customers

Developing an app without knowing the target customers is the same as walking with no destination. They both land you nowhere. So if you want to build a successful e-commerce app, the first thing you need to do is invest some time in getting to know your customers well. Understand who they are, what they want, how they think, their pain points, and more. Doing this will help you make a customer-oriented e-commerce app.

Market and Competitor Research

Rich market research will lay down a strong foundation for your e-commerce app and help you give shoppers what they want. Identify the domain you will operate in, focus on the right demographic, understand ever-changing user intent, take buying patterns and industry standards into account, etc.

Once you’re done with market research, you have to find out your direct and indirect competition. A thorough competitive analysis will help you fill gaps that others have so that you can establish supremacy and stay ahead in the game!

Platform and Technology Selection

The platform and technology selection can make or break your e-commerce app. The dilemma of choosing between a native and a hybrid app development approach can trouble you. However, emphasize the user experience and performance, app features, development time, development cost, the long-run, and various other things while choosing the right development approach and technology stack.

It is advisable to choose a native approach as surviving with the hybrid app in this highly competitive e-commerce marketplace is nearly impossible.

Tried and Tested UI/UX Strategy

Most business owners neglect the importance of UI/UX strategy and focus only on features integration. They often forget that if two apps are offering the same services at the same price (which most e-commerce businesses do), the shopper is more likely to sway towards the one that has a better UI and provides an incredible UX.

Hence, you shouldn’t neglect the power of UX/UI design. And it’s highly advisable to hire a creative mobile app design agency that can craft an eye-appealing e-commerce app that works flawlessly.

Emphasize Security

E-commerce platforms are at higher risk of getting hacked as they contain customers’ details, such as bank account details, debit/credit card info, address, and more. That’s why businesses and developers need to emphasize security. Developers (while developing the app) should use the secure code and adopt the best security measures to prevent data theft and leakage, secure the transactions, etc. Thus, providing a high level of security in the app and making each transaction encrypted.

Adopt Effective Marketing Strategy

If you keep your marketing tactics on-point, you can reach the right audience at the right time. This means you will attract more users and convert them into customers. But how to do the marketing right? It seems challenging, no?

Optimize your app store listing well. ASO is critical for your mobile app’s visibility, so do it right. Invest in email marketing. What should you avoid? Don’t bombard your customers with unnecessary push notifications; instead, use them strategically to stay ahead.

Keep Customer Engaged (Ever)

Keeping your customers engaged every time is one of the best practices to make your e-commerce app successful. Offering discounts and coupons is a common practice in the e-commerce place for keeping customers engaged. It’s an easy win for everyone! That said, brands can extend the same offer in-app that they would in-store — referrals, coupon codes, etc. These tactics will keep customers coming back for more.

Tips to Build an E-Commerce App That Your Users Will Definitely Love

  • Simple and Clear Design – UI is the first thing users will notice in your e-commerce app. Therefore, you need to ensure that your design is intuitive for users to navigate through the app easily. The fewer clicks you give your users, the better it will be.
  • Consistent and Simple Navigation – Consistency is the key. So keep your mobile app consistent and fluid. Emphasize the visual consistency (buttons, fonts, and colors), functional consistency (navigation elements), and external consistency (website and app should look the same) for better e-commerce app development.
  • Quick Login and Checkout – Do not make your users annoyed while logging or checking out. If you make your login/checkout process long, you will lose customers. So always provide your buyers with easy and quick login/checkout in a thumb-friendly zone.
  • One Hand Input – Focus on offering one-hand input to your users. Offering a thumb-friendly zone to your users helps them easily use the app with their thumb while holding a phone in the same hand. Ensure that all your elements are in the thumb-friendly zone.
  • Prompt Customer Service – Facilitating the interaction between customers and representatives is a must-have for any e-commerce app. Offer live chat support, messaging services, telephone or email support to offer the best customer support services.

In Summary

Developing a competitive e-commerce app is not a cakewalk; it requires a heavy investment of time and money, and most importantly, the brain. However, if you keep all the points mentioned above in check and leverage them the right way, you will see your e-commerce app grow at an unstoppable speed. These tactics can surely help you put together a winning e-commerce mobile app strategy.

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