Top Three Mistakes to Avoid in Your App Project

As the demand for the iPhone applications is increasing; a lot of applications and application developers are making their way into the field of iPhone application development. Whether we talk about the interactive games or a business application; a social networking app or a GPS based application; iPhone applications are unquestionably ruling the spot. And as per the technology monks; this is going to make more sound in the upcoming years.

The striking area of iPhone application development has attracted a lot of newbies and experienced developer to make a switch to it. The ‘ANGEL’ side of this field has showcased thousand of success stories of different applications like Angry Bird, Pinterest and many more BUT the ‘DEVIL’ side is far worse than the expected. Uncountable no. of applications are still struggling to be in the triple digits of download figures.

The basic reason behind all these flop stories is common. To make a better highlight on these basic mistakes; below is the list of ‘3 MOST common mistakes’. You must skip these mistakes if you don’t want to be the part of ‘Flop Party’.

Mistake 1: Drop the APPROPRIATE Amount of Spices Otherwise the Dish will be BITTER

This is one of the most common mistake specially committed by the newbies. To make a better knot of the applications; developers use a lot of plugins and tools. This excess use of tools makes the applications complicated and hence create a foul note of the iPhone application. It is always advisable to make the application simple yet attractive with the aid of appropriate no. of tools.

Mistake 2: Resolution must be wisely taken into account

The user interface is always treated as the prime factor to judge a mobile application. A poor application can force any user to switch to your competitor. The Retina Display technology of iPhone offers an unmatched watching experience to the user and hence opens unlimited doors of opportunities for the developers too. To attract the crowd, developers are developing Super High definition and extra high resolution user interface; this slows down the application and hence create a frustrating dilemma for the viewer.

Mistake 3: Multitasking in Applications? NO NO NO

Last but not the least; this mistake is most commonly committed by the experienced iPhone application developers. The application you are designing must be concentrated on a single genre; you surely can add traits but going out of the subject would dump your expectations. For example; if you are developing a gaming application then you CAN’T integrate Business features with it.


Please feel free to commit these mistakes if you want to see the WORST result of your applications. I hope that this article of mine will help you to make your iPhone application a BLOCKBUSTER. For information or query about iPhone application development; you are welcome at Appschopper.

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