Top Mobile App Development Headline of 2012

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According to the market experts; the graph of mobile application development experienced both positive as well as negative avalanche in the year 2012. On one side of the coin where the Android OS ruled the development platforms; on the other side, BlackBerry application development encountered a serious fall. In this post, we are going to put a limelight on the Top 5 Mobile Application development headlines of 2012.

Rank 5 – Topic of Debate Shifted from Android v/s iOS to Native v/s Mobile Web


Android and iOS mobile operating systems are the biggest competitor in the arena of mobile application development services. The Android operating system indeed dominates the percentage of users but the generated revenue from Apple’s App Store significantly leads the other competitors. Although both these big names announced a high growth in the year 2012 but they couldn’t save their post of most debatable topics. In the year 2012, application developers shifted the topic of debate from Android v/s iOS to Native v/s Mobile web.

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Rank 4 – Hitches Came Across But HTML App Development Still Find the Way


A bag of Rumors and the harsh commenting from Mark that “Using HTML for Facebook is the Biggest mistake” really stamped a foul impression. A lot of application developers from every corner of the globe spotted the low security, monetization and performance issues with HTML Application development. But it was really surprising to see that irrespective of all these odds; HTML App Development still marked an impressive growth in the year 2012. This unexpected result will surely confuse the developers while choosing the way of HTML app development.

Rank 3 – Objective C Regained The Position


Objective C language has earned the third spot in the list of top programming languages of 2012. Of course, the credit for this success goes to the iOS application development; Objective C programming language has overtaken the C++ language in the year 2012. Objective C is the most used language by the iPhone and iPad application developers and this popularity pushed this language higher in the list. C and Java are occupying the top spot on the list.

Rank 2 – Mobile App Stores Dominated The Application Market


The direct submission of mobile applications on the Application store turned out to be the popular mechanism of application submission in the year 2012. Rather than submitting the applications on third-party application stores; mobile app developers offered their applications on mobile app stores like Google Play and iTunes. The biggest evidence of this news was given by Verizon when it declared that they are going to shut down their app stores till January 2013.

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Rank 1 – RIM Dropped Down Due To Long Waiting Of BlackBerry 10


Gone are the days when BlackBerry was considered as the synonym of smartphones. In the year 2012; RIM experienced the record drop-down interest rate. The blackberry application developers are expecting to see a better situation in the year 2013 with the release of BlackBerry 10. It is surely going to be very interesting to see whether this new update could save the BlackBerry boat from being thrashed in the arena of smartphones.

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