Mobile Application Crash: Everything that you Need to Know is Here

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Mobile app crash is one of the most common issues that leads the failure of an application among the users. The application crash may result into sudden application shutdown or restart and in worst cases it could be the operating system crash or even the system failure. The reason behind a mobile application failure could be both hardware as well as the software errors.

The hardware error is of course from the user side whereas the software error is from the mobile application developer side. The software or the coding error could be minimized if the applications are developed by the professional experienced application developers.

The operating system of the mobile device is one of the main factor that decides the probability of application failure or application crash. According to the recent surveys and technology experts the probability of application failure is much experienced in iOS devices as compared to the Android devices. The core reason behind this difference is still a mystery but one of the major feature of ‘automatic application update’ of Android OS could be the Ace of the cards. Update: automatic application update feature is now also available in iOS platform.

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The most Common Reasons behind the Mobile App Crash:

  • Hardware problems like camera or GPS services
  • A loose internet connection which results in sudden connection failure could be a major issue.
  • Memory Access issues like low available memory and use of unauthorized memory location.
  • Error in the coding that triggers invalid and unauthorized instructions.
  • The feedback forms, Advertisements and other pop-up windows can too crash the app.

Precautions and Measures to Tackle Application Crash

I hope that now you too will agree with my words that application crash could occur from both hardware as well as the software end. However it is nothing much that you can do to tackle the application crash but still there are some precautions that can help the users.

  • If you are encountering sudden application crashes or exist then simply restart your device. In many cases this precaution can solve the issues.
  • If you are experiencing the application crash for a particular application then reinstalling the application can be an effective move.
  • If you are encountering continuous application crashes and Operating System application; Try to restore your device to the factory setting. This will uninstall the additional apps and hence will save your device from further damage.

This was all the basic introduction that you need to know about the application crashes. If you have some queries about the topic or any other section of mobile application development; just give us a call and we will love to assist you.


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