Mobile Application Developer: In-house v/s Outsource App Development

Smartphone market is wearing the golden boots at the present time and a big credit for this craze goes to the amazing available Smartphone Apps. Beside with offering amazing entertainment options; mobile applications provide easy solution to different situations. The growing demand of mobile applications has announced a vast and separate need from custom mobile application development company.

At the early stages of mobile app development; mobile apps were just concentrated to calendar, calculator, reminder and of course the ‘snake game’. But now a days mobile app stores are jammed with thousand of amazing and different apps based on different categories. To make the most from the opportunity and to provide more innovative apps; a lot of mobile application development companies are entering into the competition.

The mobile application development is mostly covered by the major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and the latest Windows mobile operating system. This glowing world of app development has attracted a lot of mega IT monsters to market their own app. If you too thinking about launching the mobile app for your Business then the foremost and most important question will be; whether to choose an outsource company or to go for in-house application development.

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It is surely a very crucial for any business firm to make a decision between giving the project to an expertise company and to establish own team of application developers. After researching the every aspect of both the phases we came up with the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. In the later section of this post we would share limelight on these aspects of outsourcing and in-house application development processes.

Firstly, let’s concentrate on the advantages and disadvantages of in-house mobile application development:

Advantages of in-house Application Development

=> Much transparent control over the development process as compare to the outsource company
=> Much scheduled application development process
=> Choice of hiring the most appropriate developers at an affordable cost
=> Management of the project is easy as everything happens in front of your eyes
=> Different genres and arrays of technologies can be used according to the need

Disadvantages of in-house Development

=> The starting cost for hi-tech infrastructure is too high
=> A lot of licenses and certificates are mandatory before using some software, tools and codes.
=> The professional developers for every particular aspect of mobile application development will cost too much.
=> Additional charges for the external guidance and consultancy if the developer team struck at a point.
=> Now moving on the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing:

Advantages of Outsourcing

=> Much predicted and fixed input cost
=> More possibilities of success with renowned names
=> Application development cost is lower as compare to the in-house app development.
=> Technology and tools used in the process are much advanced
=> You can concentrate on the management functions more sharply
=> Fixed schedule of development process
=> Best quality of the applications as it is handled by the professional hands

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

=> Transparency of the work flow is low as compare to the in-house development
=> Quality and the development time could vary from company to company
=> Difference between the expectations and the in hand product is possible
=> Can’t predict the feedback of the users


I hope that after going through these points you will be much confident while choosing between the outsource and in-house mobile application development process.


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