Mobile Application Developer & Users: Stay Away from Sneaky Apps

Sharing the personal information on social networking portals and online applications is simply a threat for the security concerns. The recent reports had revealed an important fact that only 37% of the Facebook users are using the site privacy tools to secure the personal information that could be the user’s location, birthday, sexual orientation, family and group record and even contact information and passwords.

From where the Application Security came into Limelight?


Mobile Application development is new topic and the security concerns of applications were out of the thoughts until 2011. The first major issue regarding the app security came into limelight in March 2012 when the application ‘Girls Around Me’ at the Apple store was found to be subjected with different security issues. Later on a lot more other names were too spotlighted that includes Linkedin, Background Check, Highlight, Stealth SMS parental control and many more.

How The Applications Are Purified Now?


The major step to purify the sneaky applications was marked on February 2012 when the six mega names including Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM, HP and Amazon signed an agreement that these companies will provide and privacy policy to the user before collecting the information for the application. Now the rules and the entry gate to the world of Mobile Application Development is much more narrow and secured.

Best Practice To Adopt By The App Developers?


There are certain guidelines which must be followed by every application developer to qualify the app security test. If you are a mobile app developer then you must first maintain a privacy policy so that the user knows the back end algorithm of the application. If your application needs to transfer the data and information then you must always adopt the encryption and data minimization schemes.


The security concerns of a mobile application may dump it in the pit hole of Failure. If you too are looking to develop a mobile application for your business then it is a must for you that you deals with an experienced and renowned application development company. AppsChopper is a very popular name among the field of mobile application development. We make sure that the Security concerns for the application are deal with expertise solutions and practices.

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