PAAS: New Face in the Field of Mobile Application Development

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Had you ever tried to figure out the concept behind the web-based email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hot Mail and many more? Believe it or not but you are using the facility of cloud computing since a long time. Confused? Actually these all web based email service providers use the concept of cloud computing as the data of the all the users is saved on a common database. Providing a common platform for all the users to work, store and share the data; this is simply the magic of cloud computing.

Trend of Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is surely at the golden phase of success and this phase is predicted to last long. The market experts had predicted that the mobile application development projects will dominate the native PC projects with the ratio of 4:1 by the year 2015. This amazing growth of mobile application development will provide more opportunities to the app developers.

The world of App development is refined and offered with much advanced technologies on a regular interval so as to make it simpler and hassle free. But what is the major out of box trend which is expected to change the definition of App development?

What is PAAS?

PAAS or ‘Platform As A Service’ is part of cloud computing which allows different subscribers to share the hardware, Software, Operating System, Storage and Network Capacity over the internet. PAAS is a very useful technology for the mobile application developers as it accelerates the development process, allow different developers to work on the same platform and cut down the cost as well.Also read: Android App Development Trends Forecast for 2019

Scope of PAAS?

If you are worried about the Scope of PAAS then these data figures will surely boost the confidence. PAAS is predicted to grow around 235 % in the session 2010-2014; around 52% of the mobile developers are planning to adopt PAAS; What more? The total market size of PAAS was 512 million dollars in 2012 and which is expected to jump to $1.7 Billion in 2015.

PAAS Infographics


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