Some Crucial Tips that Must be Considered by the App Developers

Nowadays, the demand of apps is speeding up at a tremendous pace, as there are around 6.8 billion mobile users all over the world. And, this ratio is likely to  grow because people have started using these devices to accomplish their daily as well as official tasks.

The ease and flexibility that mobile device offers also evokes the demand of related applications. But, it is not a simple process to make an application without the assistance of a professional app developer. However, a developer is also supposed to go along with some essential tips, such as:

Accessing users in the new market:

The usage and download of an application differs from country to country. If an application developer wants to target the fresh market, he must collect some significant facts. The percentage of the users, who have downloaded more than 50 apps after the purchase of their Smartphone varies in different countries: it is 9% in the UK, 10% in US, 27% in Japan & 24% in South Korea. On an average, 65% of the Smartphone owners use 5 apps daily.

Create engaging games:

Being an application developer, if you want to establish your foothold in the new market, then you should make engaging apps, as users appreciate such things. Around 60% of users install games within one week after purchasing a phone. If users get free time, then 30% of them choose to play their favorite games on their device that is more as compared to the other activities.

Business model must be suitable:

According to the surveys, 35% of the application users have switched from free to paid version of the application. Choosing an ideal business model is crucial to establish a loyal user base.

Make use of advertisements to earn money:

Advertisements have a good impact on the user’s mind and compel them to use the app. The facts, including 77% South Korea, 63% China, 65% Japan, 54% US and 44% UK reveal that the recall rate of app ads is quite high in most of the countries.

Get explored:

As per the stats, 25% of the application users believe that the most famous methods of discovering apps are mobile app stores and search engines. Therefore, this step is also crucial for an app developer to bear in mind.

Ensure happiness for the users:

It is one of the most crucial steps that should be followed by an application developer, as without this, they cannot reach to the new market. The only formula to attain this is to offer ease of navigation and properly localized apps.

Hence, if you are an app developer, then you will not be far from acquiring success in the new market just by applying these important steps.

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