The Typeface and Font size Matters a Lot in Blackberry Applications

When we talk about BlackBerry application development; we actually talk about the core technology or the advanced front end effects. But a successful application is not just a matter of perfect major aspects like latest technology or sophisticated graphics; it is actually an amalgam of faultless small yet crucial factors.

One of the most important and in reality the most ignored parts of app development is the typeface of the application. Typeface is actually the fashion in which you a are going to present the written data on the app. No matter what type of application you are planning to develop; you will surely be in need to provide information, guideline and navigation menu via text.

The Typeface & Font size Matters A Lot in Blackberry Applications

It is a universal truth that everyone hates to get disturbed for reading the information and text while using an app. Not agree? Can you tell me; what was the statement in the agreement policy of your last installed software? Don’t be sad! No one reads those statements; all we do is to check the ‘I agree’ check box and click the next button.

The procedure remains exactly the same while using an application. But in case of mobile app; the user may need to read the user manual or the ‘How to’ page and if the typeface of that content is not comfortable; He will simply blame YOU. Even the home screen or the End screen of the application may too require displaying some text and hence it becomes very crucial to correctly choose the attributes of text or typeface.

The Typeface & Font size Matters A Lot in Blackberry Applications

If you too are planning to put life into a brilliant idea of BlackBerry Application; then there are certain points that need to be concentrated for the amazing typeface:

=>When you have to integrate large amount of text in your application; better visualize that in a simple manner rather than using complicated fonts or image based-text presentation.

=>In a case; if you are opting to add visuals and icons in your text to make it attractive then you can go for font based icon sets. These font based icon set are not only light and easy to read but also looks attractive and provides engaging interface.

=>Don’t be a copy cat; if the whole world is using only Times Roman or Helvetica then it never means that you too need to follow that. You can surely experiment other text or font styles.

=>12px is regarded as the best font size for tags and input fields.

=>Never make use of many text sizes; it will look Unsorted.


I hope that this post of mine will help you to design an faultless BlackBerry application. If you are looking to hire the best Blackberry application development company at an affordable price then you are welcomed at Appschopper.


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