Taxi Booking App Development : Best Developers to Make Uber & Ola Like Apps

We, at AppsChopper are proficient in development of the taxi service apps, thanks to our highly competent developers and implementation of some advanced development tools and practices. Through our expertise, we can let you have taxi apps that are similar to Uber and Ola in terms of functionalities and performance. If you wish to get an Uber or Ola Clone app, we are the one-stop destination for you.

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Cab service has emerged as one of the most sought-after and reliable ways to commute within the city. When we talk about taxi services, Uber and Ola are some of the names that have become synonymous with it. The only point of contact between the commuters and the taxi service is the app and that is why it has to be high on quality, usability, and feature-stack.

What you get in Taxi Booking App

You will be bestowed with a wide array of features in the app along with user-friendly user interface and practically all the features that are found in the top taxi apps.

A user-friendly interface
Our Taxi apps boast a rich and user-friendly interface that is attractive as well as intuitive. The functionalities are quite easy to understand and the navigation is smooth. Emphasis is laid on not making the app screen cluttered.

Real-time Taxi Tracking
You can view the taxis that are available in the area near you and also track the cab that you have booked in real time. GPS integration is used for the purpose.

Map Integration
Map is integrated to the app so that your users can track the taxi and also send their location to the taxi drivers. Map can also be used to get the direction from starting point to the destination.

Payment Integration
You can get payment systems like credit/card debit card payment, wallet payment and other such payment mode integrated in the taxi app we develop for you.

In addition to these features, there are several other nifty options like Rate a driver, share the ride, taxi arrival notifications, transaction history and invoices etc, that you get with the app. AppsChopper has developed taxi service apps for its clients and they are more than satisfied with them. Through our taxi app development service, we aim to establish you as a major player in the taxi service app industry.

Why Taxi booking Mobile Apps are so popular?

Earlier the taxi services were not app-based and people had to call on particular numbers to book a taxi. The rates were also not competitively fixed and were on a higher side. People always wished to experience ease of booking, digital payment options, and lower rates. This is exactly what taxi apps provided to the customers. Using the app, the users could book a taxi with just a few clicks and thanks to GPS and map integration, the cabs could be tracked too.

In addition to it, an array of payment options were provided including credit/debit card payment, integration of popular wallet or an in-app wallet etc. These are some of the strong reasons behind such a surge in the popularity of the taxi apps. The taxi app industry in India has been estimated to be worth $ 9 billion and will continue to prosper in the coming years. The growth rate of the industry has been estimated at 17% to 20%.

Advantages with AppsChopper

As mentioned earlier, taxi apps are the only interface, a user avails the taxi service from your company if you do not have a web platform too. In such cases, your app must be able to offer a personalized experience to the users.

Skilled Developers Taking Care of The Development Process
AppsChopper ensures the quality of the taxi app by engaging the best developers and the most advanced tools. We can provide you a clone of popular taxi apps like Uber and Ola and at the same time design the app to be totally unique and in sync with your requirements.

Years of Experience in App Development
We have been in the app development industry for quite a long time now and are well-versed with app development for a range of platforms including iOS and Android. Using our service, you can launch your taxi service app simultaneously on both the popular mobile operating systems.

Impressive Clientele
Being a seasoned mobile app development company and having catered an appreciable number of clients globally, we are the best suited for the development of a taxi app that requires skills hands.

Meets Your Requirements Precisely
Although you might be looking for taxi app just like Uber or Ola, but need to have the uniqueness intact. We hold several discussions with you to understand the exact requirements and the deliver what you ordered.

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  1. andrew boucher

    Taxi industry is in huge demand, the stats you have given and your interest of developing a new taxi app for clients who are interested in creating their own taxi booking startup shows the growth of taxi industry. I think the cost of developing an taxi/cab booking mobile app is not in peaks, and i hope it is affordable as you are from India.

    Look forward for new competitors for OLA & UBER like apps.

    Happy Mobile Appying


    1. admin Post author


      Thanks for your feedback, and am glad you brought a point of taxi app development costing. We develop app at an affordable cost, we are India based company, and we assign the most qualified developers for developing these kind of dedicated mobile applications


  2. Linda Crawford

    Commuting within a city by taxi is not just convenient but also cost-effective with the evolution of taxi booking apps of the companies like Uber and Ola. Observing the huge demand for taxi booking services, Apple has also invested the mammoth sum of $1 billion in taxi app system. So, it would be a wise move to prosper your taxi business with the advanced taxi app development services. India is a prime destination for taxi booking services where there is a huge market to grab.


  3. Taxi apps are surely gaining all the attention from the users. I love the concept you guys follow while developing such apps. The feature-stack that you propose to add to the app is great but I would like to add one more feature that might add more value to the app. The option to estimate the rate of the ride must also be included to make the app more user-friendly.


  4. With the emergence of taxi booking apps of the companies like Ola and Uber, taxi apps has come into limelight. People are widely making use of these apps in order to commute within the cities. So, it would be a wise move for companies involved in this business to get the app developed. The features that you include in your taxi app are highly impressive and would turn out to be beneficial for people as well as companies.


  5. HELLO GREAT INFORMATION ,There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus.Booking apps are mushrooming everywhere. Mobile technology has made it pretty easy and possible to run a business through just an app.


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