10 Best Photo Apps for Mobile Photography Lovers

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In this blog, we have outlined the most sought-after mobile photography applications that are redefining photography and witnessed their surging demand among users with a higher download rate.”

Thanks to rapid advancements in smartphones in terms of features, which lets users engage with many interesting activities – photography is one of them. Today, people prefer their smartphones to capture images and record videos of special moments in their lives, rather than a camera.

Though most of the users may not be a professional photographer, still nurtures a passion for photography. Mobile app development companies offer many mobile photography apps that help users discover fun with photography. Users can add spice to their photography with ease by using mobile photography apps. That can make their every click splendid. And also give a professional touch, no matter how they capture it.

While choosing the right apps for mobile photography can be a headache as the stores’ house plenty of options. We have tested and penned some of the best mobile photography apps, which gained a huge space among photography lovers.

List of top 10 Mobile Photography Apps

Camera+ 2 Photo App


Store links: iOS | Subscription: $2.99

The photo camera app helps users redefining mobile photography and lets photographers discover a new way of capturing extravagant images. It boosts their overall experience of photography by letting them have complete control over every shot they capture.


With Camera +2, photography lovers can enjoy manual control over ISO, Shutter-Speed, White Balance and lots more. In the case of a dual-lens device, users get the liberty to choose wide or telephoto depending on their requirements.

  • The photo app allows users to capture raw images and edit, using the Raw editor tool.
  • While enabling the depth capture, it also saves the depth information along with the image.
  • Different modes such as Smile Mode, Stabilizer Mode, Shutter Mode, etc., to capture images.
  • Editing tools for all images in Photo Library.

Pixlr Photo App


Store links: iOS & Android | Subscription: Free with In-App Purchase

Pixlr lets users capture beautiful moments using their creativity and make it more exhilarating with the use of special effects, filters, overlays, etc. The photo app also allows the user to share the final copy with friends, colleagues, and families to impress them with creativity.


  • Photographers can use multiple choices of background, layout, spacing, etc., to create an interesting photo collage.
  • Layer different images, combine them and use double exposure to make images interesting.
  • Get different appearances of images like a sketch, pencil drawing, poster, etc. Use tools to eliminate blemishes of their selfies.
  • Change the tone and mood of the images with Color Splash, Overlay, Caption, etc.
  • The photo app allows resizing the edited versions of images and sharing it through Facebook, Instagram, Email, Twitter, etc.

Adobe Photoshop Express Photo App

Adobe Photoshop Express

Store Links: iOS & Android | Subscription: Free

With Photoshop Express, photographers enjoy the flexibility of controlling pictures ranging from the individual pan, color, border size, and zoom. It gives them the liberty to create an interesting collage with a perfect application of style transfer, quick backgrounds and lots more.


  • Make raw images interesting using varieties of tools such as Auto-Fix, Blemish Removal, Filters, Watermark Images, Customization, Photo Frames, Raw Photo Support, Image Resizer, JPEG Output and more.
  • Collage maker lets users create a photo collage in less time using photo grid features.
  • The photo app is also equipped with lots of other features like Noise Reduction, One-Touch Filters, Defog and Perspective Corrections.
  • Once completed, users can share the edited version of the image through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Nightcap Camera App

NightCap Camera

Store Links: iOS | Subscription: $1.99

As the name describes itself, NightCap Camera is capable of capturing stunning photos and videos even in low lighting or a bad lighting condition, with 4K time-lapse. Its Long Exposure Mode and Astronomy Mode help users capture night pictures and videos with clarity.


  • Users can use Full Manual Control and Night Mode to capture images and record videos at night.
  • Photographers can control White Balance, ISO, Focus, and Shutter Speed manually depending on the requirements to capture images.
  • The photo night camera app includes a Time-Lapse recording feature with a long exposure, adjustable speed, and Light Trails Support.
  • It includes AI improved focusing in a low lighting condition for fast and reliable focus.
  • Photographers can capture International Space Station and stars using Automatic Camera Mode.
  • The photo app also includes many other features such as ISO Boost, Light Trails Mode, Light Boost, Noise Reduction and more.

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Darkroom Photo App


Store Links: iOS | Subscription: Free

Darkroom is another popular photo app that helps photographers put lots of their creativity using various tools and options while editing images. Equipped with plenty of robust features, Darkroom is a new generation low light image-capturing app.


  • Photographers can use Library Sync to import images automatically.
  • The photo camera app includes a wide range of camera formats supported, which is up to 120MP.
  • Users can create their filters matching the type of image.
  • The photo app includes complete photographer toolkits including Vibrancy, Sharpness, Saturation, Vignette, Fade, and lots more.
  • It is equipped with several other features such as Batch Processing, Live Photo Editing, Snap Scroll and more.

Instagram App


Store Links: iOS & Android | Subscription: Free

Instagram is one of the best platforms for photographers to capture exciting moments and lets the world see the beautiful moments from their view. Users can express themselves by sharing every special moment of the day and let others see their captures.


  • Users can post interesting images and videos that they wish to keep in their profile grid.
  • Develop images using multiple tools, filters and blend multiple videos clips into a single video.
  • Users can browse images and videos from different profiles that they follow.
  • Connect with friends on live and share stories when finished.
  • Users can discover images, videos, and stories that they may like.

Tadaa Camera App

TADAA HD Pro Camera

Store Links: iOS | Subscription: Free

It is one of the most powerful mobile photography apps that can meet the expectations of today’s photographers. The camera app is quick and the most useful, packed-in with lots of advanced features that help users develop the photos in the desired way.


  • Selective Editing.
  • Real Depth and Broken Blur for outstanding Portrait Shots.
  • More than 12 professional editing tools.
  • The photo app has over 100 Live-View Filters.
  • Users can take images with their iPhones, which appear like a professional camera.

Show Shutter Photo App

Slow Shutter

Store Links: iOS | Subscription: $1.99

With Slow Shutter, photographers can avail the opportunity to capture long-exposure images easily. They can create beautiful shots of moving objects. The easy-to-use this photo app is highly intuitive and yields outstanding and quality outcomes. It supports Light Trail, Night Mode, and Auto Mode. Auto Mode enables users to capture eye-catchy images of a waterfall, Light Trail is useful for capturing fireworks, night traffic, etc., and Night Mode is useful for capturing bright and noise-free images in low vision.


  • Photo resolution supports in Night Mode and Auto Mode.
  • The app offers a real-time preview.
  • Users can adjust exposure in Light Trail and Night Modes.
  • Auto Mode includes freeze option.
  • Click the ‘Shoot’ tab again to stop the capture.

VSCO Camera App


Store Links: iOS & Android | Subscription: Free with In-App Purchase

VSCO is a beautiful photo app that lets photographers express their true passion, create amazing photos and share it. The app lets professionals take their passion to the next level with editing tools and quality presets. It allows users to explore quality images made by those of community members.


  • Edit images with tools like Contrast, Grain and Saturation. Explore inspiring images and share images.
  • Users can access VSCO’s complete preset library.
  • The photo editing app lets users create a vintage look of their films with Film x and many other advanced tools.
  • Tips, tutorials, etc., tailored for users in Discover.
  • Share the final work to get a chance to be curated by VSCO.

Google Photos App

Google Photos

Store Links: iOS & Android | Subscription: Free

Google Photos allow users to organize their images and videos smartly. Recognized as a new photo gallery from Google, it gives photographers a great way to capture images and prevents them from running out of space on their devices. The app lets users share images quickly.


  • Users get the liberty to store HD quality photos and videos as much as they want. They can make their photos safe, secure and private.
  • Search images by place.
  • The photo storage app either lets users or automatically create collages, movies, panoramas, and movies from photos.
  • Advanced Editing Tools help users bring images to life.
  • Users can send photos instantly using their contacts or email right from the photo app.

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