App of the Week: OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Offer Up

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OfferUp is capable of catering to your needs in all situations – whether you’re searching for the best thing to buy or looking to churn out more money, which you are anxious to sell. It lets you interact with your community in buying or selling the products and discover the buyer or seller whom you could trust completely. Create free yet an effective listing with the OfferUp app to discover a myriad of potential customers interested to buy it.

OfferUp App FeaturesOffer Up - Header Screen

  • Creating a listing of products that you wish to sell within 30 seconds.
  • Use safety and reputation features to get details of the individuals whom you’re dealing with.
  • Browse numbers of fresh listed items regularly.
  • Use messaging features to interact with buyers or sellers directly.
  • The app facilitates you for a unique profile creation to earn a reputation.
  • Search listed products through image, sort them through location, category, etc.
  • Directly interact with your local community using the app.

Being the largest marketing platform, OfferUp, created by renowned app developers company named OfferUp Inc., connects buyers and sellers to cater to their mutual interests. With OfferUp, you can go through a tutorial to know how to list your product, place keywords, post images, etc., to get maximum responses. Joining the app means joining numbers of individuals who help each other to earn and offer money. Available on both iOS and Android, OfferUp is free for everyone, whether buyers or sellers. Meanwhile, using prime features is chargeable.

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How the OfferUp App Works?

As the largest marketplace for buyers and sellers, the OfferUp app aims to make the process of buying or selling products quite easier. It works in several steps.

Offer Up - App Screen

  • The app saves all listed items created by users in the backend server.
  • When users search for a particular item, the request goes to the server, which processes data accordingly to display the particular product accompanied by features, descriptions, etc.
  • Once users express the desire to buy a particular product, then the request again goes to the server, which uses the seller’s contact number or email address to notify them.
  • Buyers and sellers can directly interact with each other through personal chatting.

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