Kotlin vs Java: Why Kotlin is Better over Java for Android App Development?

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In this blog, we will have a short overview on Kotlin and Java followed by why Kotlin is a better option over Java as a better programming language for android application development.

Java has been the most popular language that often strikes first, when it comes to the best programming language for Android app. Java retained its space even with the introduction of a myriad of new technologies and languages in the Android app development horizon. It’s true that even today, Java is a widely used programming language for developing Android apps.

Meanwhile, the introduction of Kotlin, first introduced in 2011, as the Android app development programming language has propagated the debate of Kotlin vs Java. With Kotlin, Android app developers not only find what they can access with Java, but also much more to develop seamless apps without taking more time.

Of course Kotlin has become the most preferred choice among developers for Android app development, when it comes to Kotlin vs Java. Its USP lies on time-efficiency, less coding, less errors, easier to read, etc. Let’s discuss here why Kotlin gets an edge over Java

Modified Version of Java

Though Kotlin has emerged as the greatest alternative over Java for Android development, it’s nothing but an improved version of latter. The new programming language depends on Java libraries. But, it refines them properly for the sake of improving their functionality.

Kotlin works effectively for integrating API, Java Libraries, etc., in a proper way, leveraging the Java ecosystem. It also incorporates various aspects of Java programming with a perfect balance. Kotlin uses the lightweight framework, which combines with cutting-edge features to make it more advanced than Java.

Enterprise Language

The new programming language for Android App Development was introduced by keeping enterprise in mind. JetBrains developed Kotlin to cater growing needs of organization, while the core purpose is to solve real-world and practical development issues. The ultimate goal of Kotlin is to deliver something highly usable and familiar to those of enterprise developers.

Concise and Easier Coding

Kotlin is very concise and includes simple syntax. So, developers (experienced or freshers) don’t face any difficulty to understand the new language for Android app development. The best part of Kotlin is it requires less coding compared to Java, which makes the job of developers easy and less time consuming. While comparing, one can notice that the coding in Kotlin is compact than Java.

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Make Development Process Rapid and Advanced

Kotlin is widely accepted among Android development community for being modern, concise, easy and fast coding. It aims to make Android app development more advanced and rapid. Kotlin sorts out all limitations of Java and lets developers access libraries, APIs, etc. It has become the most appropriate platform for Android app development community for many reasons such as improved versatility, developer friendly, open source and lots more.

Android Studio Support

Since JetBrains, specialized in creating most popular IDEs, introduced Kotlin for making Android app development fast and less time taking. So, it’s natural that Kotlin gets an advantage of great support of Android Studio.

It takes a few minutes to configure Kotlin plugin within Android Studio, spending a few minutes. Once you configure Kotlin for Android Studio successfully, you can reap out advantages of converting the entire the source file of Java into Kotlin.

Java is Unable to Provide Vital Elements

While analyzing Kotlin vs Java, the latter is not capable of providing various important elements, which developers need for Android app development. These elements are streams, lambdas, method references and lots more. Besides, null reference, which is the most popular in Java, in coding is prone to make lots of mistakes inevitable. And this is the reason why the number of Android Apps developed with Java undergo the crashes.

Kotlin is Safe

The above points already explain why Kotlin is safer than its predecessor. As already discussed above, Kotlin requires 20% less coding than Java. So, it’s obvious – less coding implies to less errors. Besides, if errors get detected through compiler at the compile time, they never take place at run time.

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