App of the Week: Wunderlist

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Looking for the right solution to manage your business, vacation and daily tasks? Your wait is over now! Wunderlist lets you manage all these effortlessly. It synchronizes with your devices and makes your task simpler. With the app, you can handle your tasks on a tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, and other synced devices. Whether you are planning for a rendezvous trip or seeking to manage your grocery, Wunderlist is a one-stop solution to manage everything.

Wunderlist Features

  • Create lists to manage your tasks through the devices.

    Wunderlist Screen

  • Categorize and manage the structure of the task by adding lists and then keeping these lists in folders respectively.
  • Share your list with your family, friends, colleagues, etc. on Wunderlist.
  • Engage with conversations related to your to-dos.
  • ‘Detail View’ lets you add reminders, due date, comments, subtask, assignees, files and various important notes to your task.
  • Be productive from anywhere with Wunderlist, share your list and work on your project in collaboration with your friends, colleagues, and others.
  • Manage your work on a particular project through PDFs, images, and presentations.
  • ‘Mail to Wunderlist’ enables you to send and forward emails to me[@] to add the task in the accounts.
  • Add to Wunderlist sharing extension allows you to save articles and website pages for the future.

Wunderlist Screens

Being the most sought-after to-do list mobile app, Wunderlist has been covered by media including Forbes, The New York Times, Lifehacker, Wired, Vanity Fair and many more. They have described the app for having distinct features that distinguish it from other task management apps. For instance, the app lets users restore all lists or important tasks that they delete accidentally.

Wunderlist is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app is available for free to download, it also offers a subscription for extended features @ $4.99/month per user.

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How Wunderlist Works?

As a cloud-based task management app, it allows users to create, organize and share the important lists of their work. Here is how the app makes all these possible:

  • For the first time, users have to log in to the app and create accounts. The app saves minimal personal information on the cloud-based server.
  • It identifies users with their unique needs based on their activities.
  • When users access the app, it sends their requests to the server and shows the right details on the screen.
  • The app stores all task lists that users create, and sends records of other activities in the cloud server.

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