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In this blog, we have listed the best pay you to walk applications that have earned worldwide fame for their offerings.

Is it possible to earn money through walking or simply daily workouts? Well, believe it or not, fact will remain the same. There are numbers of pay you to walk apps encouraging users to engage with day-to-day workouts and claim redeemable points, rewards, bonus, discounts, cash and lots more.

Some of these apps in fact encourage users to just walk and earn money to make their contribution in charity works. We have collected here some of these apps that have earned worldwide fame for their offerings.

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Charity Miles

Stores: iOS, Android

The app allows users to log numerous activities like running, cycling, walking, etc., and earn money for charity. They get a freedom to choose a charity from a myriad of options. Developed with the cutting-edge technology, the pay you to walk app integrates with users’ devices and uses GPS and motion sensor to track their activities.


charity miles - app of the week(3)

  • Users can join the Charity Miles community and start earning money through lots of activities.
  • Use the app anywhere, including jogging, walking the dog, moving through the day, etc.
  • Start and stop your activity to track the covered distance.
  • Make selection of charity from more than 40 charities.


Stores: iOS, Android

The app is capable of tracking activities like walking, cycling, swimming and lots of others. And gives users a chance to earn up to 80 points per day. Besides, they can also earn 6 points per day for sleep tracking, logging food, meditating and other activities. It offers $10 for every 10,000 points. Users can earn up to $30 per year.


  • Achievement easily integrates with any of the apps including Strava, Fitbit, Stop Breath to track users’ activities.
  • Redeem the earned points and get the actual cash and can transfer it directly to their PayPal or bank account.
  • Users can redeem the rewards within 3 to 7 business days.
  • Contribute directly to cutting-edge health research.


Stores: iOS, Android

With Higi, it’s really important for users to get details about their numbers first to understand their health. The app lets them track their number first, in order to be healthy and fit. It partners with various devices and apps to turn users’ fitness efforts into points for rewarding them. They can earn points for every mile they cover.


higi screen 2

  • Users can share information regarding their health with reliable doctors, caregivers, families, friends and others.
  • Integrate with Apple Health app and others to sync the step data.
  • Earn points through Higi health tracking station and track blood pressure, pulse, weight and lots more.
  • Refer friends and earn more points.
  • Users can track their and friend’s points and can start a healthy competition.


Stores: iOS, Android

The app excites users by letting them grab cryptocurrency rewards for walking or other physical activities. It in fact converts users’ outdoor activities into a range of items including gadget, fitness kit, healthy nutrition and lots more. Meanwhile, it comes with walking step limit for a day. The app is blessed with its own currency called SWC and converts users’ 2,000 steps into such currency.


Sweatcoin Screen 2

  • Sweatcoin uses device’s GPS and built-in accelerometer to track users’ activity rather than linking with any fitness tracker.
  • It uses algorithm to track whether you are walking or driving, with a speed limit.
  • Avail gift card as rewards.
  • Ability to convert 20,000 SWC to $1,000 in PayPal cash.


Stores: iOS, Android

As the name describes itself, StepBet is one of the most popular apps that pay you to walk. With the app, users can bet on themselves, in order to achieve their step goals. They can either win or lose. It syncs data with Fitbit to track users activity. They can enjoy getting motivation from their personal Step Goals.


Stepbet Screen

  • Users can personalized their Step Goals with signature algorithm.
  • Easily sync with Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit and various others.
  • Get connected with other people having the same goal through social connectivity feature.

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Stores: iOS, Android

MapMyFitness gives users an opportunity to join the challenges and make their active participation. For their every effort, they get feedbacks and useful stats that encourage them to improve their performance. With the app, users can easily discover certain new workout routes, save or share their favorite items and lots more.


Map My Fitness Screen

  • Users can easily track and map their exercise with audio feedbacks on all GPS-tracked activities.
  • Explore 600+ activities, connect with 400+ devices to gather and analyze data, route feature to discover nearby place to do exercise and lots more.
  • Gather useful stats to analyze performance, keep progress on their workouts, set personal goal and lots more.
  • Connect with some hottest apps to sync data.
  • Connect with MyFitnessPal to gain a complete control over nutrition.
  • Join the community and stay updated.


Stores: iOS, Android

With app named HealthyWage, users can grab opportunities to make bet on their own weight loss and earn money. The app gives them a wonderful chance to win up to $10,000 while staying healthy and perfect. Millions of people already got benefited of using the app.


Healthywage Screen

  • Users can capture and then post varieties of images before and after victory.
  • Make their direct participation with a vibrant community for getting accountability and support.
  • Keep a tab on progress during their weight loss goal.
  • Win and collect cash reward and go for another challenge.

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