Is Mobile App Development Worth the Investment?

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Is it worth it to build a mobile app for businesses? This question runs through every business owner’s mind who thinks of developing a mobile app. Well, let’s clear this confusion once and for all. This blog helps you find out whether mobile app development is a lucrative investment or not.

The mobile world has always been dynamic and ever-evolving. Due to the convenience and numerous benefits, mobile phones offer, people are using mobile phones more and more. Mobile devices generate around 54.8% of global website traffic. As mobile usage is mounting, companies are also finding ways to take their businesses to the next level using mobile devices.

If you know about mobile app development and the popularity of mobile apps, you would know what importance applications hold in today’s scenario. Today, mobile apps take care of everything from online shopping and food ordering to consuming favorite shows/movies.

The average adult spends 3 hours and 45 minutes on a mobile device daily. Mobile Apps account for 70% of all digital media time. People spend around 88% of their mobile time on applications only. Above all, about 48% of users determine the brand credibility via an app only.

That said, the COVID-19 pandemic has also given the use of mobile devices and apps an immense boost. Studies show that mobile app downloads have up by 23.3% since the pandemic.

To answer your million-dollar question — yes, mobile app development is worthwhile.

Looking at the numbers, stats, and growing demand for mobile apps, businesses seek a reliable mobile app development company to build a standout mobile app for their companies. All right, now let’s delve deeper and explore what you (as a business) need to ask as you make your decision to build an application.

Let’s get right in!

Top 7 Questions to Ask as You Make Your Decision to Build an App

1. What Is Your Goal?

Before you begin, you must have a legit reason for building a mobile app. You must have a realistic and attainable goal in mind. Think about your primary goal, what you are trying to achieve via mobile app, etc. Increasing sales, improving user experience, and staying competitive (or ahead of the competitors) are the top reasons to build apps. Understand what your goal is and proceed accordingly.

2. Who Are Your Customers?

Knowing customers is half the battle won. Know everything about them, from behavior, interests, preferences, demographics, digital spending time, and so on. In fact, experts say that the best way to familiarize the 18-35-year-old audience with your business is via an app. Know about them. If everything clicks well, offer them more convenience via your app to make purchases or so, and therefore, increasing your ROI.

3. What Do Your Customers Want?

This is of utmost importance. According to a study by Clutch, customers rely on apps to provide high-end, personalized experiences with features like discounts on products, in-app purchasing, discount push notifications, loyalty rewards, product recommendations, opt-in for personalized experiences, social media integration, location alerts, and augmented reality. Keep in mind what customers seek and build the app accordingly.

4. Are Your Customers Mobile-Oriented?

If most of your customers are desktop users, investing in mobile app development is not a good decision. For example, old age people prefer desktop over mobile apps as they’re used to it and are not familiar with the advanced technology of mobile applications. That said, find out whether your customers are mobile-oriented or not, and then invest accordingly. If your target customers are of age between 45-65+, don’t go for app development.

5. What Value Will Your App Bring?

Understanding what value your app can add to your customers’ daily life is crucial before you begin app development. If you think you can provide good services online through your app, consider building an app as it will be beneficial. Otherwise, you don’t need to. If you’re already delivering everything promised to your customers through your website and online channels, an app can be a waste of your time, effort, and money.

6. Will It Make You Competitive?

Can an app make you more competitive in today’s digitally-driven world? Maybe yes or no. See, it entirely depends on who is willing to operate your application. If your target customers are mobile users, a mobile app can make you competitive; if not, it can’t. Don’t force yourself unnecessarily to be competitive when you’re already ahead in your game (even without an app). See things through and then invest wisely.

7. Will It Expand Your Business and Reach?

Simply put, a well-designed mobile app entices users and encourages them to take your services. A mobile app opens the door to reach maximum mobile users globally. A mobile app works wonders for customer adoption, retention, and if done right, it can multiply your reach. Research the market, analyze your competitors, and determine your customers, then build a mobile app accordingly.

How Can a Mobile App Help Businesses?

Shopping online has become a prevalent trend nowadays. You hardly see people visiting a physical store to buy things. Moreover, who used to do so, the COVID-19 pandemic compelled them to move to online purchasing. Due to the pandemic, even the brick and mortar stores have moved online to compete and not incur a loss.

When there’s a huge part of purchasing online happens via mobile devices, you can’t miss out on a mobile app. A mobile app can give your business a constant presence on the customer’s phone. As apps are convenient than websites, it allows your customers to browse and shop online seamlessly. Therefore, increasing sales and ROI.

Why Should Businesses Invest in Mobile App Development?

Why is mobile app development important for business growth? As customers’ behavior, intent, preferences, and interests are shifting, businesses need to adapt and change their strategies accordingly. You (as a business) need to be where your customers are.

Investing in a mobile app can increase customer engagement, improves scalability, builds endorsement, gives better customer service and support, attain customers’ insights, and ultimately increases revenue.

Besides all these, with a mobile app, you can reach a global audience, get enhanced brand recognition, leverage social platforming, allows you on-the-go marketing, and most importantly, a mobile app is cost-effective. Now you know why you should invest in mobile app development.

So Is It Worth It to Build a Mobile App for Your Business? Final Thought

Frankly speaking, there’s not an apt answer to this question. It is worthwhile, and it’s not. It will vary from business to business. Essentially, it will depend on where your customers are. You need to be there where they are. That’s all!

However, seeing today’s digital growth, we can say that (in general) investing in mobile app development is a lucrative choice for today’s businesses as they can (undeniably) reap maximum benefits from an app.

So yes, in a way, you can say that it is worth it to build a mobile app for your business.

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