Common Mistakes to Set Aside to Create Stunning Mobile Apps

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Creating a resonating app involves of flair practices, while avoiding mistakes. Take a look at some common mistakes that need to be kept aside to design a successful app.

The year 2017 witnessed more than 91 billions of mobile applications being downloaded from both App Store and Play Store. Of course, the figure seems to be quite impressive! Isn’t it? The customer retention rate is, meanwhile, only 20%, which is still shocking, especially for a mobile app design company, even though a large number of apps get downloaded.

With plenty of aps to choose from, users immediately dispose the apps if they find any undesirable parts, unresponsiveness, boring interface or other issues. They prefer to download the new one rather than sticking with the same.

Users don’t think much before disposing any app if they find it is not matching up to their expectations. So, it is necessary to analyze the mobile app design company to what went wrong with the apps that fail to meet the expectations of users.   

Here’re some common mistakes that a mobile app design company can avoid and tips to build a viral app (also read ‘Essential Tips to Build a Viral Android App’).

First Impression (Not so Impressive)

First impression plays a significant role in making your mobile app successful among users. So, you should leave no stone unturned to create first impression positive and tantalizing. Make sure your app is not confusing, as it distracts attentions of users and eventually creates a bad impression on them.

A mobile app design company should have a better understanding of what distracts users and design the app accordingly. It has been observed that a complex process often discovers necessary features that can bore users. Creating an intuitive app indeed excites users and ensures their engagement.        

Purpose (Not Very Clear)

No matter what you are going to do, having a pre-defined purpose ensures your success. This exactly applies when creating an app. Without a clear purpose, it is certainly impossible to design and develop a meaningful app. As of result, your app will eventually fail to win heart of users.

A clear purpose of app will make every step of your project successful, apart from offering a proper guide from promotion to wireframing. In other words, it affects the process of app development positively and helps you create a meaningful app that users love to use and engage with.

Always remember, a clear purpose of your app helps users understand what to do with your products. They will not get confused when accessing your application.     

User Flow (Not Optimized Properly)

An app design company should always ensure that the UX of the application is not skipped. A proper optimization of user flow and architecture are required to allow users access the app hassle-free.

To ensure a proper user flow, it is necessary to draw up the flow of an application first before getting worried much about the details.

App Development Budget (Not Planned)

Once the final architecture of the app is done, it is now time to think about the approximate budget of app development and talk to the app design company regarding the same. As it helps them in creating the features and user experience matching your budget.

It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the cost for the app that is to be designed. As it helps in adopting a proper design thinking to economic constraints.  

App Contexts (Not Clear)

Though your app has a set goal accompanied with a pre-defined purpose, it will not be able to improve user experience without a clear app context. There should be a clear content or situation when your app is perfect to be used and same goes to its features. For instance, a popular app is often blessed with lots of features within it and appears only when users need to access them.     

Push Notifications (Irrelevant or Not Useful)

Undeniably, push notification is considered to be an integral part of an app nowadays. But, too many notifications could be annoying for users. At the end, they may turn off such notifications.

Frequency of notification is not only a prime reason that compels users to turn down the notifications, but the relevancy of the content that you send them also matters a lot.  

Conclusion: –

There are many common mistakes that are often practiced in app development and the end product becomes fail to match the expectations of users. A proper planning is required to develop a good mobile app, which only the best mobile app design company follow. It is equally important to plan architecture and features of your app from users’ point of view to maximize its download rate.


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