Decoding Facebook’s Biggest Announcements from F8 2018

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Held in San Jose on May 1st & 2nd, 2018, Facebook’s annual conference F8 has come to an end by revealing certain announcements and facilitated app developers to discover features for the future.

The two-day event headed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg accompanied by other executives announced varieties of products while focusing on data security and privacy as the core concern. The new announcements seem to revolutionize mobile app development and are expected to help the app industries render services imparting innovation and technology to adapt to frequently changing user behaviors, and needs of businesses.

Facebook F8 Conference: Day 1 Announcements

Dating on Facebook:

Facebook sets to introduce a new feature dating home to integrate into its social-networking application.

“This is going to be building real long-term relationships, not just hookups,” said Mark Zuckerberg, while discussing the new announcements.

To enhance the user experience, dating feature enables users to create their dating profile to avail recommendations of their potential match based on preferences and interests. The dating profile will be separate from the Facebook profile and visible only to those having dating profiles, not to their friends. Users will get the flexibility to discover others through their events or groups.

Erase History & Permissions

Facebook will give users access to scrub information that it gets through the site and app. This information is often used for ads and other purposes. Facebook has given a nice gesture towards fulfilling the commitment of data privacy. Users can delete this information directly through their account and disable the ability of the site to store further.

Video Chat on Instagram

Facebook will present Instagram with a new feature like video chat – a new way, users can get connected through video chat to share a new experience. Users will access Instagram Direct to access video chat feature and get engaged with private and group chats.

Resuming App Review Process

Facebook gives a new reason to celebrate to developers by planning to reinstate app reviews after witnessing various misconducts, especially Cambridge Analytica Case.

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Global Availability of Oculus Go

Facilitating users to experience a new way of VR, Facebook’s Oculus Go headset will be available on sale worldwide. The device will cost approximately $199. Loaded with numbers of games and other prominent features, Oculus Go doesn’t need to be connected with the computer, unlike the other existing devices. Users will find an easier way to step into the VR world using Oculus GO and feel the difference.

Reshaping Messenger with Translation Feature

Facebook is planning to present its messenger with some fascinating features to engage users while aiming to let them experience innovative technologies. The new version of messenger will soon be among users with translation features that will allow users to translate messages in the desired languages. Facebook is committed to bringing the world in the same platform annihilating the language barrier.

VR and 3D Images

Facebook is set to excite new readers bringing 3D illustration to the News Feed. The social media giant is going to overhaul 2D images and turn into VR memories. This way, it lets users feel a true 3D environment through a trippy point cloud design.

WhatsApp with Big Makeover

WhatsApp witnessed its a wonderful furor among millions of users worldwide with features like text chat and video calling. Facebook is planning to launch the new version with group calling and stickers. This will give users a more personalized experience with WhatsApp, for sure!

Sharing Images and Videos to Stories via different Apps

Facebook is all set to provide users access to contribute to Facebook and Instagram stories through different applications. The app like Spotify, GoPro and others are popular to edit and share to story even without connecting with Facebook or Instagram.

Oculus TV

With a virtual wider screen, Oculus TV is to set redefine television viewing experience of users with features like on-demand or live video. Launching after this month, Oculus TV will allow 4 people to enjoy video together.

Facebook F8 Conference: Day 2 Announcements

Addressing Facebook F8 conference 2018 in San Jose, Mark Zuckerberg not only commented on the recent scandals including fake news, election meddling, and Cambridge Analytica Case but also divulged Facebook’s mission and obligations towards users.

After Day 1 keynotes including Dating, Revamped Messenger, Instagram Video Calling, Oculus Go and many more, announced by the social media giant, Day 2, held on May 2, keynotes focused mainly on research including machine learning technology and lots of other future projects and developments.

The details of these projects and developments are expected to be revealed by the research wings of Facebook in the coming times – expected to be solely focused on the telecom infra project.


With the latest announcements, Facebook once again fulfilled its commitment towards the user in terms of letting them engage with technology and innovations. App developers need to be engrossed themselves in these keynotes to ensure proper implementations to build personalized apps gaining huge attention among users in recent times.

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