How to Build a Highly Secure Chat App? [Essential Tips Included]

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Do you want to build a secure chat app? Ensuring your users with the utmost security in your messaging app, especially with encrypted messaging, is crucial than ever. This blog will tell you how you can build a well-secured messaging app your users can rely on easily.

Everything is fast-paced in today’s digitally-advancing time; from ordering food to texting someone, everything is just one-click or one-tap away. We all have integrated technology into almost every aspect of our daily lives, and mobile apps play a significant role in all these. Yes, technology has made lives super-fast and easy for people; but security is also of considerable concern for everyone.

No one wants their privacy to be invaded, especially when it comes to personal messages. People don’t want their conversations to get into the hands of cybercriminals, and other malicious programs focused on stealing them. It is estimated that a hacking attack takes place worldwide every 39 seconds. It is affecting one in three Americans each year.

It can be related to anything, from leaking personal information to private chats. That’s where end-to-end encryption comes into major play. If you’re looking for an instant messaging app solution that is well-secured, hiring a reliable app company is a smart move. They can help you build a well-encrypted messaging app that guarantees users’ conversations are safe and have no chance of anyone brute-forcing into their private chats.

What Is End-To-End Encrypted Messaging?

While sending a message to someone these days, we all tend to see a text appearing time and again, “Messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info.” Remember? What does that mean? What exactly is end-to-end encryption? Let’s find out!

End-to-end encrypted messaging means that the users within that specific chat can only read messages sent between two people. It is the process of encrypting senders’ messages that can be decrypted on the recipients’ devices only. When end-to-end encrypted, all the messages, media, documents, everything is secured from falling into the wrong hands.

What Are the Essential Things to Keep in Mind While Building a Secured Chat App?

Technology Stack

Technologies matter a lot in building any type of apps. You need to understand what is the type of your messaging app and pick the technologies accordingly. The world’s most popular chat applications are built on exceptional technologies.

WhatsApp has used the Erlang language to build its app, Mnesia database, XMPP protocol, and ejabberd server for a better chatting experience. That said, you need to choose the best-suited and secured language for your chat app to deliver an enhanced user experience.

Server Availability

If you aim to build a multi-grade secure chat app, you must take note of real-time communication servers that are safe and secure to use, such as ejabberd. Ensuring uptime (that makes sure your system is available for use as intended) before starting with your messaging app creation, should also be considered. It would be best if you emphasize this because this stands as the foundation and performance of your entire app.

Protocol Independence

There is a wide range of protocols available for each messaging landscape, such as MQTT, WebSockets,-BOSH, XMPP, Long polling, and COMET. Real-time communication protocols promise you to enhance the instant data exchange between apps and servers. All the mentioned protocols comprise a secure and better performance and easily adapt to any of the chat message models.

Frameworks Selection

Every messaging app is built for different functionality, and so are the frameworks. The choice of the framework is crucial, and that’s why you need to choose the framework that guarantees well-built such as React, Xamarin, Python, Objective-C, Swift, Java, .NET, Erlang, and others. Choosing the right framework helps you develop a safe app that can build trust among your users.

Security Integration

We don’t need to tell you about the cruciality of security and privacy in today’s time. Choosing the right security gives you a well-secured app on which your users can rely and can get the experience of safe conversations. This helps them build trust in your app, as well. The security market is high as per its demands. That’s why adopting a security layer like end-to-end encryption, AES, HIPAA, HMAC is a great move to make your app completely shielded from any type of attack.

Ideal Hosting Capabilities

Believe it or not but choosing the ideal hosting capabilities has its effectiveness for the chat app. The question that pops up in mind is which one to choose between on-premises (self-hosted) or hosted SaaS service. Self-hosted is the right choice if you want to build a secure messaging app because it offers end-to-end accessibility and control to customize the chat functionalities and features that are well-secured and adapt to your business needs.


We’re living in a digital world where security and privacy matter more than ever. Now you know about end-to-end encryption and the essential things you need to keep in view while building a secure messaging app, it’s time to execute all the learnings into real. Go ahead, follow these tips, and create an extremely secure end-to-end encrypted messaging app on multiple platforms your users feel safe to converse on. Ready? Start on!

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