How to Choose Right Price for Mobile Apps: Perceive Significant Tips

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Today, smartphones’ applications are trending and hence, there are numerous amazing app development companies and freelancers all around the world busy in developing the mobile applications. With the presence of the various advanced application development tools as well as the online marketing platform, it has become easier for developer to code, deploy and market the applications. But, the most difficult task is tagging the relevant price for the mobile apps.

Choosing the right price for a mobile app is more important as compared to choosing the platform to monetize. Suppose you are having a superb application and you want to sell it, then what price will you consider for selling that application. To solve this query, this blog presents some of the significant tips for opting the right price for mobile phone in an effective manner.

Let’s Have A Quick Glance Over The Significant Tips:

1. Check Out Prices of Similar Applications

The first important thing is to find out the similar app (the application, which functions similar as your app) at the online marketplace. Then, prepare the list of the searched apps according to features as well as price and then, compare them. This whole method will automatically help you in evaluating the relevant price for your application. Suppose, there is an mobile app that is more functional as compared to your one, then you can put the price lower than the price of listed application.

2. Set The Price As Per User’s Expectation

Try to analyze the user’s expected price range. Today, generally every user expects that simple apps should cost free or 99 cents. For complex utility apps, the price range should be from $2.99 to $4.99. And, if you want to sell the app of more than $4.99 price, then your app should have an expansive collection of feature, i.e. beautiful interface, pleasing functionality and many more that sum up to offer a valuable deal for the customers.

3. Highlight Premium Features For Higher Priced Apps

There may be a possibility that your app is having more features than the already listed apps and your are charging higher comparatively or you are offering an app with something unique functionality at minimum price, then it is good to highlight every premium feature of the app in the best ways. You should mention, why your app is the best to be purchased. This will help people in understanding the value of owning your app.

4. Be Careful From Similar Free Applications

Be attentive to any similar application that costs free to the user, as many people spend more time in finding the free apps and this may jeopardize your revenue that is generated from the selling the apps.

5. Integrate In-app Purchases Strategy

It will be better to adopt In-App Purchases system as compared to charging once for apps, because before purchasing the apps, every user likes to try that app at free-of-cost. Secondly, this model has higher potential to increase the revenue, because from time to time, you can release the advanced version of apps and charge accordingly. It is evaluated that this model can account for drastic change in pricing range.

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We would recommend you to talk to professional mobile development strategy consultant before finalizing the cost of your mobile app. It will be good, if you launch the app at free of cost or minimum rate on the specific occasion. This will be helpful in attracting the attention of the user and makes the advertisement process effective.

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