How to Devise a Social Media App for Incredible User Experience (UX)

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Social media has taken the entire world by storm. If you are thinking of building a social media app for enhanced UX, read this post till the end. This blog post talks about how you can strategize your social media app for a great user experience and increase your ROI.

The year 2020 changed the way we did just about everything, especially socializing. Where social distancing has become a part of our lives, top social media apps in the market have increased to become our true friends, no? Today, different types of social media apps have taken up a great part of our mobile phones, lives, and of course, the application market.

The users are ever-growing. We can say that social media has experienced a pandemic-driven boost. As per eMarketer, before the pandemic, social network users worldwide were around 77% in 2019. However, after the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of users increased to nearly 82% in 2021, and experts say it will skyrocket in the future.

Seeing these rising demands, many businesses are looking forward to earning more revenue by investing in building social media apps. As a result, they are seeking a professional application development company that can create a social media app mainly focused on enhancing user experience.

Believe it or not, your app’s success very much depends on the user experience. The importance of UX/UI design in any app is not just crucial but unquestionable. To make a standout social media app, you need to emphasize improving the user experience. Let’s dive deeper and know how you can conceptualize your social media app for a better user experience.

9 Ways to Create a Social Media App for Enhanced User Experience

As more and more people join social media platforms, it surely becomes a lucrative investment for businesses to build a social media app. Let’s get to know the crucial components involved in making social media apps for increased user experience.

Design Simplicity

Design can make or break the app, especially when it comes to creating social media apps. Because the very first thing your users will notice in your social media app is its design, so it’s crucial to make it as eye-pleasing as possible with great usability. Plus, it’s also essential that the entire app’s design should be adapted to a specific platform (like following the design guidelines for iOS and Android OS) so that users feel comfortable using the app.

Right Color Shade

Knowing how to use the right color is essential not only for aesthetic purposes but also for improving user experiences. With the specific color palette, users can get an idea of your app’s purpose at first sight. Companies that design apps mostly advise using bright, vibrant, and solid colors in their logo for social media app development. For example, using shades of blue color is considered soothing and attractive for social media apps.

Navigation Consistency

If your social media app is not easy-to-navigate, it will undoubtedly push away your users. When it comes to designing navigation, the minimalistic approach should be creating simple and consistent navigation that focuses on easy single-hand use.

With that being said, your navigation should be simple, clear, and consistent. The notification bar should comprise search functions, notifications, and profile icons throughout the app on every screen where they are needed.

AR and Face Filters

Face filters can be a great stress buster sometimes, no? Have you ever tried funny face filters and laughed out loud? You sure would’ve. Instagram and Snapchat are great examples of incorporating AR features and face filters and becoming so popular among users, especially millennials.

Face filters are becoming a trend now and today’s generation wants more of them. For that reason, you should reach out to AR developers who can incorporate AR and face filters into your social media app and deliver users what they want; hence, improving their experiences.

In-App Communication

Basic things are the essential things in any app, and in-app communication is exactly that. You should offer basic user-to-user chat options, social media sharing options, the ability to comment on activities facilities, etc., to your users.

Yes, we know these are the basic things to have, but sometimes, while making the app more feature-packed, people tend to forget these basic things. So emphasizing in-app communication is just a reminder for you if you want an incredible user experience.

Figure Out Modes of Communication

Don’t lose the essence. The primary use of social media apps is to facilitate communication with others. You should stick to that, along with figuring out new modes of communication. Direct message (DM) is the most common way of getting in touch with social media apps.

In addition to the in-app communication, you can also ensure that your social media app is well-built for users. How? By integrating some more features, such as audio and video call facility, voice notes recording, multiple tools for self-expression, and enabling media files sending option.

Device Compatibility

This is one of the most crucial aspects you need to consider while devising a social media app. Users are everywhere; targetting a certain set of devices or OS can make you lose out on other users.

For this reason, you need to ensure that your developed social media app is running smoothly on all the devices to give users a flawless experience anywhere and everywhere. Test your app with different OS and devices before release to ensure that your device compatibility is spot-on.

Multi-Language Support

If you want your app to become popular, you need to focus on reaching all the audience globally. For that, you need to focus on creating your social media app for the non-English audience. With multi-language support, you can make your app available for all types of users across the world. This feature will surely get you more customers with better UX.

Optimum Security

These days where we hear the news of data breaching and hackers brute forcing into websites and apps, security becomes a critical component for any app, especially social media apps. Basic data encryption and GDPR-ready solutions are essential elements you should consider integrating while developing a social media app that enhances the user experience.

Closing Thoughts

Let’s agree with the fact that developing a social media app is no easy task. To top it off, if you are asked to build a social media app for a great user experience, the task becomes even more difficult. Well, no more. By putting these ways mentioned above into practice, you can seamlessly create a social media app that will awe your users and help you generate more revenue than ever.

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