iOS 12 vs Android P: Who’s Winning the Battle?

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iOS 12 and Android P are the two much-talked software created a stir in the app world. Explore here certain facts to grasp ideas which one is getting an edge over other in mobile app development industry.

Maintaining their supremacy as a leading market player around the world, Google and Apple are committed to let app users experiencing something unique and different by launching major updates. The recent announcement of iOS 12 (by Apple) and launch of Android P ( by Google) verifies the fact clearly. These are called future updates expected to make the mobile app development more advanced and technology driven.

Google and Apple are arch-rivals for having their presence in the same field. So, comparison between iOS 12 and Android P is inevitable. Though both mobile operating systems have different world, still comparison between them is pivotal to interpret features and functionality. Besides, it also unveils details in regard of why one enjoys an edge over other.

Voice Assistant

iOS 12: Siri

Developed with a cutting-edge technology, Siri is the most advanced and efficient voice assistant software serving users in multiple ways. It can easily predict needs of users when they speak certain words. It reminds them to do their pending works and never miss to attend important meetings, function, etc. It helps users follow their routines properly.

Android P: Google Assistant

Well, Google Assistant can do much more than Siri and has an edge over its counterpart. It not only helps users in following routine, but is also capable of handling questions and providing proper solutions systematically. Developed with six new voices, Google Assistant can handle all these quite efficiently.               


iOS 12: iMessage

Apple’s iMessage is occupying a huge space among users compared to others. It has enough reasons to excite users – Animoji, which allows users to create their own face. It makes users thrilled with a unique experience and keeps them highly engaged with creating Memoji and enjoy sending to their friends, colleagues, families and more.  

Android P: Google Hangout

Google Hangout, compared to iMessage, is dull and boring. As it is limited and doesn’t have anything new to offer to users. It is yet to be developed to become a true rival of Apple’s iMessage. Although Google Duo and Android Messages are doing wonderful, they can’t be used frequently on other devices.

Gestures and Notches

iOS 12

Though iPhone X was not the first device to use features like gestures and notches, but it indeed contributed a lot to increase popularity of these features. So, these features are directly associated with the Apple device. This makes it clear that Apple enjoys an edge over Google in this section.

Android P

Android P includes these features to give competition to its iOS 12. It is expected that gestures and notches will be used differently in the latest software. Android P includes corner notch, central notch and notch top and bottom screen of the device. So, it is not possible for all Android devices to use these features.

Use of Augmented Reality

iOS 12  

In mobile app development world, AR apps relish a magnificent craze among app lovers for letting them enjoy multiple activities. Apple’s iOS 12 is blessed with multiplayer features allowing users and their friends to connect with the same environment. For instance, playing a virtual ping pong.

Android P

Even Android P includes such AR features to allow users to enjoy playing with their friends using even different operating systems. The credit goes to Cloud Anchors for making it possible. Though it is not associated with Android Pie, but the software will get benefits from it.

Map and Face Unlock

iOS 12

Face unlock earned a huge recognition among smartphone users for being fully safe and convenient. This security feature is associated with Apple’s iPhone X, which was the first phone introduced with 3D camera.

Android P

Though some Android phones like Samsung (Galaxy S9) and Oppo (Find X blessed with 3D camera) using Face Unlock feature, these are exclusively associated with these brands, not Google.    

As far as map is concerned, Apple map is less reliable compared to Google map, though it provides nearly same features as the rival. Apple Map helps users in finding destination with an accuracy, but fails to provide route suggestions and required information, as provided by Google map.   

Smartphone Addiction    

iOS 12

It helps users manage device addiction with ‘Do No Disturb’ feature that can turn down unnecessary notifications when users are sleeping or busy with other activities. It enables users to set their own limitation of usages for themselves and others especially kids. It also allows users to enjoy the control of access through weekly reports.

Android P

It includes ‘Wind Down Feature’ to help users control device addiction. Users can see the dashboard to know which apps are used the most and also can limit the usages of every app. It reduces the color of device during the sleeping hours. Users can enable ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ by just putting smartphone face down.   


So, which is the best?

Though Android P is ahead of iOS 12 especially for having features like Google Assistance, augmented reality, etc., still it is difficult to say which is the best between them especially without using. As both lack and win with each others in above sections and are expected to take mobile app development to the next level.

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