Photo Editing Apps – Fun With Photo: Sketch Miraculous Image

Fun with Photo app, as the name implies, it is a kind of an image editing application, which everyone can enjoy in their Android based phone. This application enables the user to draw the sketch of image with the help of tools, such as pencil sketch, color sketch and watercolor. Moreover, user can upload the edited image on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.

 Fun with Photo App is an amazing application with user-friendly interface. In this application, user can instantly add the image with the help of SNAP Your Pic button or Choose from gallery. The former button feature allows you to take image from an integrated camera directly, while the later one enables you to select the image from gallery. This app provides 3 fabulous tools by using them, you can build creative and pleasing images of selected pic. For sharing image conveniently, this application supports Bluetooth and social networking websites, like Twitter, Facebook and many more.

 This app is very amusing, which enables you to craft sketchy image and share them with the world.

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