Qualities and Attributes that Make Mobile App Successful

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It does not come across as a surprise that there are closely  3.3 million apps on the Google’s Play Store, taking into account the widespread usage of Android smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. However, every mobile app listed in the Play Store does not become successful. The popularity of an android mobile application or a game boils down to its quality and the usability. A user is now surrounded by a range of options as there are several apps that cater to the same requirement. In such a scenario, the app must be developed and designed in a way to ensure that the user is offered a solution in the most simplistic yet effective manner.

From the user interface to the interaction of the app with other apps and device hardware like camera and GPS must be smooth and seamless. It is often observed that the app crashes or takes a painfully long time to access login information from social networking apps already installed in the device. Such scenarios must be tested beforehand and the app should be optimized for them. To achieve impeccable quality in an app, its each and every aspect must be crafted with dexterity and care.

From coding to graphic designing and testing, compromise on any of the part can make the app prone to crashes. Moreover, the apps built for different platforms like mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices, television, and automobiles must be optimized differently, depending on the screen size, hardware specifications and software suit. There are guidelines issued by Google for apps that should be followed as they assist you in building apps that are able to cater to the requirements of the users in a better way. Using all the features made available by the users and your skills, you must come up with mobile apps that boast great quality and offers an unmatched experience to the users.

 Features that you can Incorporate in your Android App with Google’s Assistance

Quality of an app is achieved only when it is in focus right from the beginning by the app development company. Whether it is designing the UI or the quality of the code, each and everything has to be optimized from very initial stage.

Device art generator:

Using this tool, you can easily wrap the screenshots by dragging and dropping the images from your desktop to the device. These screenshots provide better visual context in marketing and promotion of app.

Badge generator:

You can add official branding to your app promotion by using the badge generator tool by Google Play. It renders more weight to the marketing of the app and hence, drives traffic to your app. Badges can be generated in different formats and languages.

Product linking:

Product linking is one of the most important features for e-commerce apps that sells products or services. Product linking enables you to link the particular product page from a range of places like Android apps, ads, web pages, social media and more. Google Play has many link formats to offer for product linking purposes.

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How to Ensure Unparalleled Quality of your Mobile App?

It is the quality that sells and hence, your app must be high on it. Google enlists many essential factors that need to be assured of while developing, testing and publishing of the app. Some of them are:

Localization checklist:

It is important to identify and target the locales and the languages so that your app is able to cater to the worldwide audience and gets downloaded across the world. It is possible only when you enable localization on your app.

Launch checklist:

Before the app is launched and published on Play Store and other platforms, it must be thoroughly tested for any errors and bugs. Also, the promotional materials should be prepared.


Dashboard lets you know the share of active Android devices and the OS version they are using. Using this information, the app developer can make efforts to prioritize the OS and devices that are more active.

Differential approach to App quality:

The quality of an Android app changes with the device on which it is being used. Hence, while focusing on the quality of the app, you must also take into consideration the target device like mobile, tablets or wearables and optimize the app accordingly.

Closing thoughts

To stand out in the burgeoning crowd of Android apps, your mobile app needs to be special in terms of the design and features. It has to be a crowd puller, and it can be ensured only when you are very particular about the quality from the time, the app is conceived and is in the development phase. Hence, you must try to incorporate the aforementioned features and attributes and make your app a successful one.

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